Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development

What is this training?
Sexual development is not often talked about like physical, social, and cognitive development, but it is very important for the health of children. Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development is research-based and provides adults with the tools and skills to answer children’s questions in an age-appropriate and  medically accurate way. Research shows that providing children with accurate health information promotes healthy behaviors, delays sexual activity and reduces the risk of child abuse.
Who is this training for?
Any adult working with or caring for children can use this training for both professional work and personal life. This training provides adults with tools to help educate and support children with accurate and developmentally appropriate information. Adults will also learn about the warning signs of child abuse. 
"Knowing what healthy sexual development looks like for children and teens is a great step in protecting youth from child abuse. Nurturing Healthy Sexual Development is a free, research-based training created by Prevent Child Abuse Vermont. This 2 hour training is perfect for parents, caregivers, and professionals looking better support the youth they care about."
Thursday Nov 14
Louisa County Extension Office
317 Van Buren, Wapello
To register for this training, please callLouisa County Extension at 523-2371 x202 or email Kathy Vance at
For the continuing education, consult with the organization approves your credit hours.  For more information, please contact the trainer, Jaime McLean, at

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