Mini Lessons of Stay Independent - A Healthy Aging Series - Join us in Wapello

Stay Independent

“Nutrition risk assessments of older Iowans living in Louisa County revealed that nearly one out of four are at risk for malnutrition or are malnourished,” said Patricia Steiner a human sciences specialist in nutrition and wellness.
The key behaviors placing these adults at risk are not eating three meals a day and limited intakes of produce and protein. In addition, most are not physically active, which can increase their risk of sarcopenia, or age-related muscle wasting, Steiner said.
“Stay Independent” provides research-based nutrition and wellness information intended to help adults age 60 and older reduce their nutritional risk through lifestyle changes. The program includes four lessons designed to meet the needs of older Iowans.

  • Wednesday, February 14th - Three Meals a Day
  • Wednesday, March 14th - Feast on Fruits & Vegetables
  • Wednesday, April  11th - Power Up with Protein
  • Wednesday,May 9th - Exercise Your Independence

“Each week you’ll watch a brief video and participate in group discussion. You’ll also get to taste test a healthy recipe,” Steiner said.  The program is free and open to all, the lunches at the Briggs Center do include a fee and reservations are generally requested a day in advance.

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