Commercial Pesticide Applicator Training







Recertification by Continuing Instruction Course (CIC)

For commercial applicators, C-CICs are offered on a calendar-year basis.
C-CICs are presented in the following formats: live programs and prerecorded blu-ray discs. The following programs are available as statewide video programs with fixed presentation dates: Commercial Agricultural Weed, Insect and Plant Disease; Ornamental & Turf Applicators; Roadside, Forest and Aquatic Pest Management; Fumigation; Seed Treatment; Certified Handlers; Mosquito and Public Health Pest Management; and Pest Control Operators.
Applicators needing Aerial Applicator certification and those needing Greenhouse and Ornamental Applicator certification need to contact their local extension office to arrange a time to watch these C-CIC programs.
Also, please note recertification by video C-CIC in the county extension is not offered in 1E (Animal Pest Control) and 7E (Wood Preservatives). Recertification in these categories are TEST ONLY.
If C-CICs are missed in one or more years of their three-year cycle, the applicator is required to take the certification exam(s) to renew his or her certification. C-CICs cannot be “made up” if an applicator forgets to attend in a given year, nor can an applicator attend two C-CICs in one year to cover future years’ requirements.

Fees for Attending a Commercial Pesticide Applicator Continuing Instructional Course (C-CIC)

There is a $35 fee for attending a C-CIC for all categories except Pest Control Operators. The fee for the Pest Control Operators C-CIC is $60. If you register less than seven days before the C-CIC scheduled date there could be a $10 late registration fee, please check with your local extension office for their policy.

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