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October 27, 2020

The usual trade show of vendors will be replaced this year with a virtual show of exhibitors and sponsors, including organic grain buyers, organic seed purveyors, local food system non-profits, and government offices working with transitioning and certified organic farmers.

Buy. Eat. Live Healthy Logo
October 19, 2020

Teach Nutrition Online & In Groups!

ISU Extension is searching for a self-starter to provide an Extension education program at Louisa County and Muscatine County!

Holstein cows
October 12, 2020

Online Ag lender seminar will focus on market outlooks for livestock, grains and dairy, plus include a focus on exports and trade issues for which lenders and advisers can use to help producers manage risk.

couple experiencing grief and loss
October 12, 2020

The stress brought on with the pandemic has left many feeling sad, down, lonely and depressed. This virtual program provides education about feelings of grief and loss and how to manage and process them.

soil sample
October 2, 2020

Videos explain basics on how to perform visual assessments and demonstrate some simple, on-farm methods used for assessing compaction, water infiltration, aggregation, temp, biology and decomposition.

two spouses planning for retirement
October 1, 2020

Looking to retire in the next ten years or sooner? These two online workshops with Extension Specialists can assist you in evaluating all the benefits and consequences of retirement as well as the best time to begin withdrawing from your retirement savings.

commercial pesticide Fall 2020 schedule
September 21, 2020

Attention Commercial Pesticide Applicators: The Fall 2020 schedule is available! Please remember to call the office at least a week ahead of the scheduled date to get registered for the course you need for 2020.

childcare provider training flyer
September 17, 2020

Each training will be offered at two different times by our human sciences specialists to aide in the areas of spending, saving, engaging in positive health behaviors, and protecting children from foodborne illnesses.

providing support
September 15, 2020

This virtual program is being offerred to help provide adults with tools that can be used to identify when someone might be struggling with a mental health and/or substance use problem.

tools for caregivers flyer
August 6, 2020

This class is designed to provide you--the family caregiver--with the skills you need to take care of yourself while you're taking care of someone else. It is just as important to continue taking proper care of yourself to be able to effectively care for others.

financial help flyer
August 6, 2020

Free and confidential conversations with an Extension Family Finance Educator who will work one-on-one with you on budgeting, prioritizing, and connecting with resources in the community that can help.

Louisa Development Group Logo
March 18, 2020

Please Remember to Support Local Business! Many local food and beverage establishments are offering carryout, curbside pickup and delivery options!  And here is a list of addresses & numbers to make it easy for you!! (Click on the Blue "Let's Support Our Louisa Businesses!!" above!

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