4-H Youth Development Specialist

Ann Torbert

Youth Development, After School and Community Club Programming

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Ann Provides Programs for Youth Serving Agencies
Ages and Stages of Youth: Learn the basics of working with school age youth.  Program is focused on growth and development of youth. Good understanding of growth and development allows for more positive experiences for staff and youth participants.
Games/Recreation: This program is focused on the basics of conducting games with youth.  Participants learn new games, game safety, and how to organize a series of games.  Also learn how games can be played in small spaces and help youth get more physical activity into their day.
STEM: Add some STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to your after school program.  Staff will receive basic professional development in inquiry based science, simple hands on science activities that can be done during the out of school time, and ways that parents can support STEM education.
Group Management: Managing groups of youth requires great planning, management of supplies, and knowing the difference between discipline and management.  Learn the nuts and bolts of creating great experiences for youth in your program. Site visits could also be part of this program.
Project Based Learning (PBL): PBL is a method that after school programs can use to engage youth in creating their own learning opportunities.  Staff will learn the basics of PBL, create driving questions and sample a PBL activity.  Youth who have a PBL experience, are shown to have higher test scores due to their in-depth knowledge of given subject matter.
Experiential Learning:  Sample experiential learning through this workshop.  Participants learn what experiential learning is, how to take simple activities and make them experiential learning experiences. 
Food/Nutrition: Learn the tips and tricks of adding hands on cooking to your after school program.  This training is focused on skillet cooking for youth 3 grade +. Program includes basic review of nutrition/physical activity for youth, and sample recipes from the Expanded Food Nutrition Education Program. 
Ideas to engage parents in programs: We know that parents are our kids first teachers.  This program is focused on concrete ways of involving parents in your program, making parents feel valued, and creating a plan for your site.
Advancing Youth Development: This program gives staff that work specifically with middle/high school youth insights into best practices when dealing with this age group.  Program challenges notions, and viewpoints of participants around this age group of youth.  Topics include: cultural assumptions and stereotypes about young people, core competencies of youth workers, strategies of youth participation. Works best with multiple agency participation 24 hour program.
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(319) 377-9839 Ext. 319
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383 Collins Road NE, Suite 201
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
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Linn and Benton
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