I am a NEW VOLUNTEER in 4-H...
Contact The County Office at 319-377-9839 or mdlouhy@iastate.edu for volunteer opportunities and more information.
Also look at this volunteer form - Send it to Amy Schmitt when finished.

I've VOLUNTEERED BEFORE in 4-H before, I want to Re-Enroll...
1. Re-Enroll in 4-H through 4honline (log into your 4hOnline account to re-enroll after September 3rd). 
2. If you're a club leader, here are tips for Club leader management in 4hOnline.

Spring Leaders Meeting Handouts
Club Documents--Due Nov. 15th
Meetings/Running the Club
Exhibits and Fair


Risk Management/4-H Regulations
State 4-H Resources
Resources for 4-H Club Meetings
  • Club Meetings

  • Parliamentary Procedure

    • Parliamentary Procedure Script
    • Things to try:

      • Placing que cards on tables to help youth know what to say.
      • Have Vice-President hold up que cards “secretly” during the meeting. Think of the “clap” or “laugh” cards for audiences in the movies. These cards would say what youth need to say next “I move that we…” and “I second that.” Consider throwing in the silly ones to make the meeting interesting.
      • Encourage older members to encourage younger/new members to make motions. Have older members whisper what needs to be said to younger ones.
      • Do make a motion ChexMix, Pizza, Sandwich, etc. Have members make motions to add things to the food. Make sure some items are not wanted on there so that way they know how to not have a motion pass.
  • Club Officer Roles

Meeting Activities Ideas

These are a list of games and activities that 4-H Staff have enjoyed using during workshops or other events. Most of these games require little to no supplies. If you need supplies for a game or activity, please reach out the Extension Office to see if we have some on hand. This is not an exhaustive list and if you have something that you think we should add to this please email it to linn4h@iastate.edu.

  • Get To Know You Games

    • Use these games for ice breakers prior to a meeting or as a brain break during a meeting.
  • Energizers

    • These games will get your club up and moving!


Coloring Pages

Small Squares
Head, Heart, Hands, Health

Cy & clover

4-H Grows Leaders (boy and girl)





Strong Iowa 

County 4-H News

March 29, 2021

New for 2021! Linn County 4-H is partnering with Interstate Grain Services and HACAP to provide fresh poultry to those in need in Linn County! 4-H youth can join the broiler chick project to raise fresh poultry for those in need in Linn County. Here's how: https://www.extension.iastate.edu/linn/broilerchick

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