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If you need to Re-Enroll in Linn County 4-H go to 4hOnline Page
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  1. Pick A Club

    • There are over 15 4-H clubs in Linn County.  You'll want to find a 4-H club that works best for you! If club leader information is not available, please contact the Linn County 4-H at We are happy to assist you in contacting a club leader.  It is important that you make contact with the club leaders, as they can give you specific information about the club such as, meeting times and special club rules.
  2. Register

    • To register for 4-H, you need to complete create a family account and a profile for each youth in 4hOnline Direct link to 4hOnline.
    • There is also an annual program fee to enroll in 4-H, $15 for K-3rd Grade and $40 for 4th -12th Grade.

      • This fee helps to support the county & state 4-H program. If you feel that this fee would constitute an undue financial burden, financial assistance is available by filling out the Financial Assistance Form Financial Assistance Form.
      • All forms need to be turned into the Linn County ISU Extension Office located at 383 Collins Rd. NE, Suite 201, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402.
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Leaders and Volunteers

I need to Re-Enroll in Linn County 4-H go to Re-Enrollment 4hOnline Page
Current Leader and Volunteer Resources - Club Leader Resources Page
New to Linn County 4-H

  • We are very excited that you would like to volunteer with us! We encourage you to call the Extension Office and see what opportunities we currently have available!
  • Please Note: Linn County 4-H does not require parents to register as a volunteer. Parents will receive all necessary information through their youths 4hOnline profile. Parents are always welcome to become more involved and become a volunteer!
  • Contact The County Office at 319-377-9839 or for volunteer opportunities and more information.

The fees for service will be used to off-set direct expenses and to support the 4-H Youth Development Linn County Extension Program.
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