Become a Linn County Extension Council Member

The elected Extension Council, like the hundreds of others across the country, is the grass roots governing body for the Cooperative Extension System. As part of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, the Linn County council works in partnership with local citizens, Iowa State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to carry the land-grant mission beyond the campus in Ames. During years of election for Extension Council (which happen every other year), candidates for the council will appear on the general election ballot in November.

The Linn County Extension Council are elected by the voters of Linn County and serve four year terms.

The elected council is instrumental in fulfilling the land-grant mission and bringing research-based educational opportunities to the county. We invite those interested in Linn County’s extension and outreach programs, to be involved in the nomination process or consider running for council. The duties of a council member include hiring county staff, managing the county extension budget and helping select programming.

Learn more about the Linn County Extension Council or join us for the next meeting.

We invite you to JOIN US.
• Join us in our commitment to healthy people, healthy environments, and healthy economies.
• Increase your leadership and networking opportunities through new relationships that benefit your county.
• Help position ISU Extension and Outreach to move our state forward.

What is the role of a County Extension Council Member?
• You represent your county – you bring an understanding of local issues to important decisions about educational opportunities.
• You bring significant programs to your county and region that help people solve critical issues affecting their lives.
• You represent Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and act on our behalf locally.
• You have the responsibility to be a good steward of taxpayer dollars.
• You provide mentoring and leadership for county paid staff.
• You agree to fulfill the responsibilities of the position, including regularly attending council meeting.

How do you become a Council Member?
As a qualified voter in the Linn County Extension district, you are eligible to be a candidate for county extension council.
To qualify as a candidate, you will need to obtain twenty-five (25) signatures on a nominating petition, from the Linn county auditor’s office. We would urge you to obtain a few additional signatures, but 30 or 35 will be sufficient. When the petition has been completed, you will need to return it to the county auditor’s office and sign an affidavit at that time. The petition must be filed at the auditor’s office.

More Information
If you would like to learn more about the Linn County Extension Council and how you can be part of it please contact RaeAnn Barnhart at 319.377.9839 or

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