OPEN POSITION - Childcare Assistant

The major responsibility of the Part Time Temporary Childcare Assistant is to assist in the operation of the childcare site under the direct supervision of the Lead Childcare Employee. Primarily evening and weekends hours. Number of hours vary depending on workshops offered, needs of the program, attendance, and registration.

  1. Assist with maintaining a positive and nurturing environment at the site.
  2. Actively participate in and reinforce children’s play both indoors and out.
  3. Communicate with children at their level.
  4. Model positive caregiver/child interaction.
  5. Assist in preparing and maintaining an orderly environment.
  6. Enforce rules and limits for behavior calmly and consistently.
  7. Utilize non-violent positive discipline approaches to challenging behaviors.
  8. Refrain from utilizing restraints, seclusions, or any physical force as a form of discipline.
  9. Follow reasonable procedures for maintaining health and safety for the children.
  10. Follow reporting procedures for any notable incidents that occur at the site.
  11. Assist with any planned activities.
  12. Assist in supervising children on bathroom breaks.
  13. Assist in clean up of childcare area at the end of each session.
  14. Communicate as needed with parents.
  15. Assist with feeding of young children and infants.
  16. Any other duties deemed reasonable and necessary by Lead Childcare Employee.
  17. Communicate any concerns with lead childcare staff, PEC Program Coordinator or PEC Director.
  18. Adhere to standards laid out by the Iowa Family Support Credential.
  19. Practices sensitivity to serve populations’ cultural and socioeconomic characteristics.

Job Description
Job Application
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