Linn County 4-H Youth Programs - Murder Mystery

For weeks, people have been pouring into the small western town of Deadwood for the biggest poker tournament this side of the Mississippi. From outlaws to marshals to saloon girls, the vast array of visitors and residents of Deadwood have made this small western frontier town THE place to be.


As the festivities of the poker tournament conclude, a celebration party is planned at the Deadwood Saloon to award the prize money for the tournament and to celebrate what is hoped to be a very financially successful venture for the saloon.


With a smattering of bandits, bank owners, saloon girls, gamblers, east cost debutantes and a few of the locals, this is guaranteed to make for a very interesting evening indeed.




March 24th 5pm Games and Silent Auction, 6PM Dinner, 7PM Mystery
Linn County Fairgrounds


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List of Guest Parts

  • Harry High-Stakes - Saloon Owner. As the organizer of this grand event, Harry has a lot at stake if it is not successful! (M) This character should be played by someone who is very forthcoming and not shy. This guest will also need to address the guests at the beginning of the party.
  • Heniretta High-Stakes - Wife to Harry High-Stakes. Spending less and less time at the saloon lately, could Henrietta be into something or someone else? (F) Since Henrietta likes to be the center of attention, the guest who plays her should be outgoing byt also conniving.
  • Gambling Jack - Gambler. The best hand in poker either side of the Mississippi. Jack has not lost a major tournament in the last five years. Until Now. (M) The guest who plays Jack should be confident, smooth, and be able to lie through his teeth.
  • Anna Belle - Wife to Gambling Jack. Known as her husband's good luck charm, some say Anna Belle is the reason Gambling Jack never loses. (F) The guest who plays Anna Belle should be boisterous, brash and above all, devoted.
  • Mitch Maverick - Traveling Businessman. As the winner of the tournament, many question how a businessman could have such great card skills. Could Mitch be the best poker phenomenon? (M) The guest who plays Mitch needs to be sneaky, supicious and able to talk his way out of anything.
  • Holly Hickok - Gambler. A real southern belle with a flare for poker. Many wonder what a girl like Holly is doing in the Wild West. (F) This guest will need to be independent and fun.
  • Clay Coldwell - Gambler. A once known poker-great, Clay may no longer be lucky in cards, but he may be proving to be lucky in love. (M) This character can be played by a guest who desires to keep a lower profile.
  • Montgomery Money - Land Investor. Arriving just this last night, word is Montgomery has his eye on purchasing the saloon and is using this traveling opportunity to seize it. (M) This character should be played by a guest who is dignifiedm but ruthless in business.
  • Elizabeth Money - Wife to Montgomery Money. Although Elizabeth has been here scouting land prospects for her husband all week, she is still not used to the rough and rugged ways of the West. (F) The guest who plays this character will beed to exhibit and uppity and proper attitude towards the other guests - whether fake or genuine.
  • Minnie Money - Debutante. As the sheltered daughter of Montgomery and Elizabeth Money, Minnie's first trip out west has been an adventure that has taught her a lot about the wild ways of the West and the people it breeds. (F) This character is young and full of spunk and spitfire.
  • Banker Bob - Bank Owner. After the Bank of Deadwood ws robbed earlier this week, Bob supects the culprit is someone in need of ante money for the poker tournament. Will Bob take justice into his own hands to punish the bandit? (M) This guest will be a real businessmand who is very progessionally driven.
  • Banker Bonnie - Wife to Banker Bob. Desperate fo Bob's attention, Bonnie will do anything to get it. Anything. (F) This guest will be played by a woman who is sneaky and ruthless. Rest assured, this guest wants to save her marriage more than anyhting.
  • Jesse Wales - Outlaw. Is Jesse here to meet up with old acquaintances or is this purely a business trip? (M or F) This quest will need to have a very rough and rugged person.
  • Poker Alice - Poker Dealer. Alice works for the saloon dealing poker, but could she be hinding more than her love for her favorite bartender? (F) The guest who plays Alice will have many layers and is interesting and independent.
  • Sheriff Sam - Deadwood Sheriff. Although Sam is considered the law enforcement of this town, it has been said the only way to get anything 'enforced' is by padding Sam's wallet. (M) This character is immoral and a pushover who will do anything for money.
  • Marshal Dalton - Federal Marshal. The Marshal was assigned to Deadwood to insure that there is no unlawful activity at the poker tournament. With outlaw rule becoming the way of the West these days, it is time the federal government put some order into the place. (M or F) The guest who plays this character will need to be willing to take charge and comfortable talking to everyone at the party, both one on one and in a group.
  • Sally Starr - Saloon Girl. Because of Sally's strong allegiance to both Harry and Henrietta High-Stakes, Sally will see to it that the saloon thrives at all costs - but what price is too high to pay? (F) This guest will be both outgoing and loyal.
  • Taffy Garrette - Saloon Girl. Taffy is the eyes and ears of the saloon, someone who might know a little too much about what is about to go down. (F) The guest who plays this character neeeds to be both talkative, gossipy and willing to spead the news she discovers.
  • Black Barbara - Outlaw. Barbara has been in town all week and no one knows quite why. (F) The guest who plays this character should be sneaky and opinionated.
  • Billy-The-Bartender - Saloon Bartender and Bookkeeper. Billy knows the saloon life from everyside of the coin and has his own supicions about who is holding the saloon back from succeeding. (M) This character is a determined individual whose main goal is to save his job while winning the hear of Poker Alice.
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