Linn County Master Gardener's Garden Walk

Garden Walk July 20 2024

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Prepare to be inspired! The Linn County Master Gardener Garden Walk is a unique opportunity to tour private and non-profit gardens.  Explore diverse landscapes, from vibrant pollinator gardens and monarch releases, to styled storm-water rain gardens, to bountiful homestead vegetable and fruit garden plantings, to cottage-style gardening in a small space.   All gardens featured are in southeast Cedar Rapids, all within 10 minutes of each other and are usually not open to the public.

This public event is family friendly, featuring many educational opportunities and activities throughout the gardens.  Linn County Master Gardeners and homeowners are there to welcome you into the garden, answer your questions, offer insights into creating the garden of your dreams, and guide you through the gardens. This year the garden hosts have educational materials, giveaways and door prizes are offered while supplies last.  Vendors and food/coffee trucks are featured at the Monarch Research Station gardens (this local non-profit is not usually open to the public!) Don't miss the butterfly releases at 10:30am and 1:30pm!

Take this opportunity to slow down, enjoy nature, take garden strolls, and meet the garden hosts and Master Gardener volunteers who are ready to inspire all who visit their gardens.

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We look forward to seeing you on July 20th, 2024 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Check in at any of the gardens to get your wristband. You can visit the gardens in any order!

Pruden Residence

4396 Pioneer Trail SE, Cedar Rapids

2018 new construction home garden on a nearly 1 acre, partially wooded, sloping lot.  The homeowners have continued to expand and develop the beautiful landscape with attention to a rain garden (storm water management), native plants, cutting gardens, and repurposed architectural features.  Also, learn how homeowners have overcome derecho related tree-loss, managed invasive weeds, and converted turf into naturalistic garden beds that support diverse wildlife.  Educational opportunities at this garden include talks about invasive weeds and woodland reclamation with Jack Moran and creating and permitting a rain garden for storm water management with Jennifer Pruden. 

Littler Residence

2020 Washington Avenue SE, Cedar Rapids

The Littler garden sits on a ¼ acre lot in urban Cedar Rapids.  Focusing on maximizing garden space in a smaller lot, this garden entertains pollinators and birds and produces herbs, vegetables, and eggs.  The urban chicken coup was custom built and permitted.   You will love this quaint, beautiful cottage-style garden designed by the homeowners.  Also, learn about Urban Chicken Keeping in your own backyard.

Pohl Residence

1536 Forest Grove Rd, Cedar Rapids

This little homestead started just over a year ago. Several portions of this acre-and-a-quarter lot have been converted into vegetable gardens, fruit gardens, and flower gardens. In the garden’s current state, it will produce over half of the fruits and vegetables needed for two adults for a year. Future plans are to convert more space into food growing areas leading to a fully sustainable harvest for an entire year.  Creating homestead landscapes is an art that has been lost to many. From apples to zucchini, you can learn about most foods under the sun and how you can grow them right here in Linn County, Iowa. Also, in this garden you will learn the art of growing your own food and adding even more nutrition to your daily lives.  Knowing what to grow, how to grow, and how to space items are all things you'll learn at this little homestead. Whether you are just getting started or a veteran gardener, there is always more to learn when it comes to homestead gardening.

Monarch Research Station

4970 Lakeside Rd, Marion

Monarch Research Station is a non-profit organization headquartered in Marion, Iowa. The Monarch Research site bodes vibrant, thriving native pollinator habitat to support reestablishment of the Monarch butterfly population.  In addition, the program has invested in the establishment of native trees and shrubs now shared throughout Cedar Rapids to assist in recovering from the Derecho.  The site features a Native Pollinator Arboretum, numerous pollinator gardens, monarch growing tents, native tree area, and a monarch research lab.  The Monarch Research Stations partners with private and public entities and landowners to create living landscapes to stop the downward decline of insect populations: bees, butterflies, pollinators! Be sure to stop by and learn about native pollinator plants and prairie and native trees and shrubs.  Don’t miss the planned Monarch releases at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm

This site also features vendors, coffee & smoothie truck and food truck!

Vendors include:

  • Country Vibe Designs
  • BioMarkers
  • Atlas
  • Station 7
  • ReadwithRuth


Tickets are $10 each for persons aged 18 and older.  Children 17 and under are free admission.  Tickets must be purchased online (hereIf the event is cancelled due to inclement weather, the fee is non-refundable, and will be considered a donation to support the Master Gardener education and outreach programs.

The Linn County Master Gardener program is an educational and volunteer service organization of the Iowa State University (ISU) College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and ISU Extension and Outreach. The Linn County Master Gardeners support a diverse variety of education and community outreach programs. Funds received through Linn County Masters Gardeners public events support a wide variety of community outreach programs including library talks, seed exchange centers, community outreach gardens, annual plant sale, provides volunteer support to Noelridge Gardens, Lowe Greenhouse and Gardens, and many community garden areas.


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