Linn County Fair Results

Be sure to check back to see the results!* *Results are preliminary

Show Date Show Program (with Results)
Pre-Fair Educational Presentations
Pre-Fair Extemporaneous Speaking
Pre-Fair Awardrobe Fashion Show
Tuesday, June 21st Horse and Pony Show
Tuesday, June 21st Dog Obedience Show
Thursday, June 23rd Dog Agility & Rally Show
Thursday, June 23rd Cat Show
Thursday, June 23rd Dairy Goat Show
Thursday, June 23rd Pet Show
Friday, June 24th Sheep Show
Friday, June 24th Rabbit/Cavy Show
Friday, June 24th Meat Goat/AOB Goat Show
Friday, June 24th Bucket Bottle Show
Friday, June 24th Working Exhibits
Saturday, June 25th

Breeding Beef Show

Market Beef Show

Saturday, June 25th Poultry Show
Sunday, June 26th Dairy Cattle Show
Sunday, June 26th Swine Show – Breeding/Market | Derby | Single Source| Rate of Gain
Sunday, June 26th Share The Fun (Talent Show)

Fair Results for all Programs