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Continuing Education Opportunties

Every year, Master Gardeners participate in 10 hours of continuing education (CE) in order to advance the Master Gardener’s knowledge and understanding of horticulture.

How do I know if an opportunity qualifies for CE credit?

To be counted as CE hours, the classes must be factual, accurate, and provided by a source generally recognized as research based. Most training opportunities offered by educational institutions, public gardens, and education-focused gardening organizations meet this requirement. Sessions offered by entertainers, mass media and sales people are less likely to do so. Listening to radio programs, watching television programs, and reading books do not count as continuing

Upcoming CE Opportunities

ISU Extension and Outreach: Iowa Master Gardener - YouTube offerings
Indian Creek Nature Center:  Virtual Winter Garden Fair Saturday classes starting Feb. 6 
Trees Forever:  Webinars
Monarch Research Station: Monarch Research Conference Series Webinars
Illinois Extension:  Four Seasons Gardening Webinar Series
University of Minnesota Extension: Ramsey County Master Gardener Volunteer Classes
Sioux Land Garden Show: Free Educational Sessions on Fridays starting Feb 19
International Master Gardener Conference: 2021 virtual workshops and education 
Purdue Extension's Dolly Foster: Winter Seed Sowing YouTube Recording
City Sprouts, Omaha's First Community Garden: Growing Gardeners Workshop Series 
Melinda Myers, horitculture speaker/authorWebinar Series

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