4H Day Camps

Summer Camps have been canceled due to COVID-19.

(This includes all planned in-person day camps June - August 11)


Please check out our Camps-To-Go! 

Hands-on themed activity kits include: lessons, supplies, & virtual meet-up opportunites

  • What are Camps-To-Go?
    • Each Camp-To-Go activity kit will include detailed instructions for the lesson and the supplies needed to complete it! Each theme is carefully planned using engaging, research-based curriculum appropriate for the suggested grade range. In addition to 5+ activities with supplies included, we’ll offer ideas for extension activities and family resources to expand the fun and learning even more! During the summer, we’ll plan opportunities for virtual meet-ups with other participants around each theme. These will offer a way to connect with others safely, engage in a fun virtual activity, reflect on their learning, and have an opportunity to show their work (if youth choose).
  • How much do they cost?
    • Each Camp-To-Go is $20. (Those who were already registered for our in-person summer day camps, should get an email notification of cancellation and can request their fee be transferred to a Camp-To-Go or fully refunded.)
  • When & Where?
    • At your own pace at your home!
      Register by June 1st for shipping/pick-up of Camp-To-Go kits the 2nd week of June.
      Register by July 1st for shipping/pick-up of Camp-To-Go kits the 2nd week of July.


Camp-To-Go Theme

(Grade just completed)

Description of camp
Amazing Animals (K-2nd)

Feathers, fur, paws, and scales – oh my! Explore a variety of animal traits, habitats, adaptations, and ecosystems. We’ll learn about protecting habitat and the environment through hands-on challenges & explorations. Learn to identify and cast animal tracks, take a closer look at the bugs and critters that might be in your own backyard, welcome birds with a feeder, and use your imagination to create your own animal adaptation.

Eco-Explorers (3-5th)

Explore nature and our environment! We’ll learn about our food system, the roles pollinators play, upcycle trash into treasure, harness solar power, and identify animal tracks. Explore the forces of nature through fun, hands on experiments that challenge us to think about water resources, weather patterns, natural disasters, and what we can do to make a difference in the world!

Traveling Artists (K-2nd)

Get creative! Learn about animals, people, environments, cities, and habitats as we explore the world through art!  We’ll guide you through fun activities that lead to beautiful, unique 2-D & 3-D creations. From painting, drawing, and sculpture to rainforests, oceans, and cities, there’s adventure for all! 

The Science of Art (3-5th)

Explore the science of art through experiments that will make you see things in new ways! We’ll create prints using the power of the sun, experiment with color mixing, explore symmetry, use light reflection to make kaleidoscopes, take on a photo scavenger hunt challenge, make edible art, and more. You won’t realize you’re learning as you have fun creating your own unique works of art!

Sprouting up Science (3-5th)

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and learn about the science of plants! See how you can help plants grow and how you can use your new skills to produce food. Fun activities will explore each of the plant needs –light, water, nutrients, air, and space! Harness the power of the sun, track rainfall, explore soil health, investigate insects, and more. We’ll also challenge you to be a great taster as you try new foods! There are ways to explore & grow, whether you have space for a large garden or only a windowsill pot.

Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse (3-6th)

Join us for a crazy adventure of survival! Learn the basics of preparing for emergencies including how to stay warm without attracting zombie attention, make a zombie survival bracelet, and how to treat zombie bites. Investigate natural disasters, wilderness survival, the components of a good emergency kit & more! These skills would come in handy in case of any emergency – including a zombie apocalypse.

Invent STEM (4th - +) Challenge yourself to be innovative as you work through 3 fun STEM activities! You’ll use the engineering design process to create a better pinwheel, build a mini wind turbine, and explore electrical circuits. Then you’ll use your new skills to take on the final Invent STEM challenge where you’ll use the included motor kit and supplies in the “Beat the Heat Challenge”! These engaging activities teach you to solve real-world problems. This kit would be great to do together with a small group of 2-3 or as a family!  Materials sponsored by Alliant Energy. Only $5!
Blast Off! (K-5) The sky is the limit with this Camp-To-Go kit! Blast off as we explore projectiles, space, flight, and more through the included activities. Test marshmallow launchers, build rovers, shoot straw rockets & more! From Earth to space, to landing on the moon, these fun activities will have you shooting for the stars! 
Relaxation Spa DIY Camp (3-5) Become your very own DIY massage therapist! This Camp-To-Go kit will guide you through making homemade body products and learning different relaxation techniques to simulate a day at the spa! The kit includes materials and directions for creating your very own body butter, bath salts, scrubs, Zen garden, and more! Your mind, body, and soul will feel refreshed after creating your DIY products and finding your Zen mode! 

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Questions? Call or email Amy at 319.377.9839 or amyschmi@iastate.edu

*** The fees for service will be used to offset direct expense of the program. 

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