I really enjoyed working with the student trainers, the others in my class and the program itself.

I could never kept up with the walking tour [in Europe] had I’d not had the exercise from [the LIFE Program at the] senior center, so thanks!  I felt better with the walking—need to get back to that.

[As a result of the LIFE Program] I was able to do things that I had to reach for with less restriction and pain.

 I thought we were having a party in my office. I'm glad we could take part in this research project.

[As a result of the LIFE Program I have] more energy to do daily activities.

[As a result of the LIFE Program I have] more energy [and am] more active!

[While participating in the LIFE program, I enjoyed] having the opportunity to exercise with someone leading, I’m not good at doing things on my own at home

[The LIFE program] gave me lots of good ideas with the little newsletters— [I] saved them and read them all the time.

[As a participant of the LIFE Program I] worked at own pace and ability; [I enjoyed the] great guidance in the activity.

[The LIFE Program] encouraged me to be physically active for 2 hours each week.

[The LIFE Program] gave me some ideas of how to be physically active.

It was fun to meet others that wanted to increase their physical activity.