Recommendations for Kinect®

  • When first using Kinect® Sports, choose “one player” or “against computer” as the playing option.  This is intended to help the participants become more comfortable with exergaming since only one participant will become an on-screen avatar.  However, once the participants have become comfortable with how to play Kinect® Sports, then it’s certainly acceptable to have multiple participants become avatars (i.e., choose “two player,” “three player,” or “four player” if desired).
  • Participants can select from Main Events (where they choose one of the specific sports to play), Party Play (a random variety of games in which participants are divided into two teams and take turns competing) or Mini Games (brief snippets of sport-centered activities).  The workouts described here are primarily Main Events, while the warm-ups are Mini Games.
  • Remind participants to work at their own pace.  The goal is to have fun while exercising – that’s why it’s called exergaming!
  •  The difficulty levels provided here are recommendations and can be changed as needed.  Listen to the participants.  If the game is too challenging, then choose an easier skill option (beginner vs. amateur vs. professional, etc.), or ask them to play the game less vigorously (slow down or don’t play as intensively).  When they think they are ready for a greater challenge, then advance them to a higher skill option. 
  • The workouts described here are designed to take about 30 minutes, including the time needed to hear the game instructions.  The time spent in each game is determined by you, not the computer.  So please pay attention to the duration of each activity.  A specific game can be played longer if the participants really like it—just continue playing it.  A workout can also be longer than 30 minutes, if desired.  However, there’s not a compelling need for the duration to be increased simply for the participants to get a “better workout.”  That will be accomplished by increasing the aforementioned skill option when the participants are ready for it.
  • Once participants are familiar with the specific sports games, then the Introduction and How to Play tutorials (i.e., the sport-specific instructions on how to actually complete the activity) can be skipped.  These can be turned off in the menu found in My Options on the screen.

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