Pullorum Testing For the Lee County Fair


All poultry exhibited at the Lee County Fair must come from U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid clean or equivalent flocks, or have had a negative PullorumTyphoid test within 90 days of public exhibition and the test must have been performed by an authorized tester. 

 Types of birds that need to be tested:
 Poultry (domestic fowl as egg-type chickens and meat-type chickens
 Turkeys
 Domestic Waterfowl
 Domestic Game Birds
 Pheasants
 Exhibition Poultry 
*Ostriches, rheas, cassowaries and emus are also required to be tested. 
Please contact a certified tester to have your poultry tested. 
Authorized Testers in the area: 
Clark Goettsche (Henry Co.) 319-931-3429
Abilene Jackson (Van Buren Co.) 641-208-6360
Sheryl Wilcox (Van Buren Co.) 641-226-4502
Michelle Jenkins (Van Buren Co.) 515-313-7360
Donald Hiller (Washington Co.) 319-658-2214
Nicole Gross (Washington Co. ) 319-458-0707
Rudy Borntrager (Washington Co.) 319-646-1144
Phil Shank (Washington Co.) 319-646-2011
David Boysen (Louisa Co.) 319-572-1551
Charles Bolander (Louisa Co.) 319-212-1354
Dianna Bolander (Louisa Co.) 319-212-1353
Jim Hiller (Louisa Co.) 319-212-0611
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