Club Directory

4-H Clubs

Banner Farmers (Denmark) - Jennifer Dravis

Busy Workers (St. Paul, West Point)- Liz and Terry Moeller/ Sara and Brian Mohrfeld

Cooking Club (Fort Madison, Denmark)- Mary Weisinger

Jolly M's (Fort Madison)- Cathy Weirather and Jennifer Wenke

Handy Helpers (Argyle)-  Katelyn Pezley

Harrison Huskies (Donnellson)- Paula Ellis

Clover Crushers Shooting Sports (Montrose)- Ed Schroeder

Clover Kids Clubs

Lil Cowpokes (Denmark)- Mary Hellige

Busy Clovers (Houghton)- Tara Gerdes and Kate Eid

Harrison Puppies (Donnellson)- Keegan Swan and Jennie Adkins

Handy Clovers (Argyle)- Katelyn Pezley