Meredith Nelson

Program Coordinator

Pam Kollasch

Administrative Assistant

Jane Koppen

County Youth Coordinator

Signe Meinders

Region 3 Horticulture Specialist

Meg Sage

Youth Program Specialist

4-H community clubs, Leadership development, Character building, Enhancement of teamwork in youth and adult volunteers

Brenda Schmitt

Human Science Specialist- Family Wellbeing
(641) 512-0650

Amy Jones

Human Sciences Specialist, Food and Health

Provides integrated content including family nutrition, health and wellness, food preservation and food safety.  Classes include: ServSafe, Child Care Provider Nutrition Training, Stay Independent for older adults, Food Preservation 101 and Preserve the Taste of Summer.

Mackenzie Johnson

Mackenzie Johnson

Human Science Specialist - Family Wellbeing

MacKenzie provides research-based information and education to people across the lifespan, helping them make decisions to improve and transform their lives. Mackenzie can speak on Adult Education, Parenting, Human Development, Aging, Early Childhood Education, Overindulgence, Ambiguous Loss, Literacy, Stress Management, PROSPER and Family Caregiving.

Russ Euken

Field Specialist - Livestock

Production information related to nutrition, facilities, health, records, and budgeting for swine beef, sheep and dairy producers. Computer applications for livestock production. Individual consultation on improving productivity in livestock operations. Environmentally sound livestock production methods

Kelvin Leibold

Farm Management Program Specialist

Farm management, Farmland and Building leasing, Global agriculture, Land values, Farm Machinery management, Estate planning, Intergenerational transfer and Beginning Farmers

Kris Kohl

Ag Engineer Field Specialist
(712) 732-5056

Livestock facilities, building materials and construction ventilation systems, manure management systems, soil erosion and crop residue management, soil and water conservation, ground water quality, well construction and maintenance, farm machinery, environmental regulations, energy conservation and farm safety.

Jolene McCoy

Advancement Specialist

Gentry Sorenson

Field Agronomist

Corn and Soybean management
Pest Management
Soil Fertility

Lisa Bates

Design Extension Specialist

Iowa Retail Initiative, Interior Design, Art & Design Community Development

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