Master Gardener Training Comes to an End this Fall

Master Gardeners at The Wooden Wheel Vineyard

The Keokuk County Master Gardener Training has come to an end for this year! This year’s training was much different than past trainings. Instead of viewing lecture videos at the Extension Office, trainees were able to watch and learn the materials from the comfort of their own homes. The group would then meet once a week to discuss the assigned chapters and lecture videos together before going on a field trip. These field trips aligned closely to the chapters we learned about that week. This year’s field trips included visits to Mertz Tomatoes, The Wooden Wheel Vineyard, The Garden Gate, Pleasant Valley Greenhouse, Riverside Casino Golf Course, James Family Greenhouse, and Belva Deer.

“Our educational field trips were something new we tried this year,” says Keokuk County Extension Director Katharinna Bain. “These tours and visits made learning a lot more fun and were very engaging! I greatly appreciate the families and businesses that worked with us to make these field trips possible.” Some of the topics included in the training were Vegetables and Herbs, Weed Science, Entomology, Houseplants, Composting, Landscaping, Turfgrass, and Pest Management.

“Our group of trainees have been amazing! I have enjoyed getting to know them and look forward to continue working with them,” says Bain. This year’s trainees that have completed the course work portion of our training are: Donna Adam, Barbra Bombei, Melanie Conrad, Connie Howar, and Wendy Leonard.

After completing the Master Gardener Training, participants are equipped to volunteer in their communities on behalf of ISU Extension and Outreach. Master Gardener Trainings take place each fall depending on interest within Keokuk County. The training is 11-weeks long to include lectures, field trips, and an all-day visit to Iowa State University. If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener, please contact Katharinna Bain at the Keokuk County Extension Office at (641) 622-2680 or

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