2020 Expo Swine Changes

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The Keokuk County Extension Council has met with the swine department and has voted for changes for the upcoming 4-H year. It is each family's responsibilty to read through these changes. 

Current swine families have been mailed these changes as well. Within this mailing, the Extension Office has asked each family to return a letter of acknowledgement that they have read and understand the changes. This letter must be returned to the Keokuk County Extension Office to be eligible to show at the Keokuk County Expo 2020. 
Updated changes for the 2020 Expo Fair include: 
Spring Weigh-In:Saturday, March 28th
Weight Variance:  75 pounds across the board. No 5lb variance anymore.
-Carcass is mandatory for all swine.  We will be using a new updated carcass data formula that is being used at State Fair.  
-Derby class is optional.  Not required as in the past.  This class is sorted by beginning spring weigh-in weight.
 -4Her’s may show up to 5 individual pigs.  Only 1 pen per 4Her Exhibitor you may divide within own pen and with their own dividers.
-Livestock Entry Cards will be required with Classes (same as all other species) on blue cards July 1st. (We know there might be some changes to this after fair weigh in day)

-Swine Health Papers will be mandatory! Pigs will not be unloaded off the trailers without papers.
-Drug affidavit and purebred paperwork have to be brought to superintendents/ weigh- in table at fair weigh-in. Similar to state fair.
-Rules and regulations are subject to change due to state vet rules.
-Swine exhibitors may take their swine home after fair or sell to buyer but they will be required to sign a waiver form with pig identification on either.  Exhibitors will be required to tell swine superintendents or fair weigh-in table if not filled out on Blue Livestock Entry Card due July 1st.
-The former “Single Source” or “Antibiotic Free” show is now called the Swine Farm Class
-The Swine Farm Classwill be able to participate in regular swine show classes to include: rate of gain, carcass, and showmanship.
-The Swine Farm Class will show at 8am (before regular swine show).
-Single Source Swine can identify up to 4 pigs at spring weigh-in.  One pig will be shown in the ring at the fair for this class.
-4-Hers can exhibit in the Swine Farm Class and regular swine show but can only bring a max of 5 pigs. Pigs will be in the same pen—can be divided within their own pen. Pigs must be identified at spring weigh-in which pigs are Swine Farm Class, which are regular swine show.
-Swine Farm Class will still have interviews and fill out questions regarding project. Class’s points will be altered to include overall finish of hog instead of showmanship. Kids will compete in the showmanship with regular swine show.
-Swine Farm Class pigs cannot be fed paylean for. Feed can be tested at any time.
-Pigs from the Swine Farm Class will not be able to compete for best of the best (top 5).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Michele Sieren at (641) 622.2680 or mlsieren@iastate.edu. Or a swine superintendent: Tina Frank, Matt Bombei, Brian Kitzman, and Mike Bensmiller. 


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