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Clover Kids Pet Journal
Clover Kids Master Gardner Journal 
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Please use the below directions and video to make your entries into FairEntry for the 2022 Expo Fair! If you have questions, please attend a workshop or stop into the Extension Office. Please refrain from calling the Extension Office, as we do not have access to your account; please stop into the office for questions, as you'll need to log into your account for us to assist!

4-H Member Directions
FFA Member Directions
Video of Entry Process

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Saturday, June 11th from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Pm at the Keokuk County Extension Office.
Wednesday, June 22nd from 5:00 PM to 8:00 Pm at the Keokuk County Extension Office. 

Stop into the Extension Office;
Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Fair Book

2023 Fair Book - Coming Soon 


Indoor Exhibit Entry Form for Judging
Color Wheel
4-H Exhibit Form 
Honey Label
Preserved Food 4-H Exhibit Label
Judging Home Preserved Foods
Preserve the Taste of Summer
Baking Safety 
Foods for Iowa 4-H Fairs - Quick Reference Guide
Copyright Permission Request Letter
Using Pinterest-finding original source help sheet 
Preparing Cut Flowers & Houseplants
Design Exploring the Elements and Principles 
Design Exploring the Elements and Principles in Home Decor 
Design Exploring the Elements and Principles in Clothing 
Photography Exhibit Label


Beef Drug Affidavit
Meat Goat Drug Affidavit
Market Lamb Drug Affidavit
Swine Drug Affidavit 
Horse Drug Affidavit 
Premise ID Information 
Junior Market Animal Project Worksheet for BEEF, SWINE, SHEEP
Inter/Senior Market Animal Project Worksheet for BEEF, SWINE, SHEEP
Junior Breeding Record Worksheet for BEEF, SWINE, SHEEP
Inter/Senior Breeding Project Worksheet for BEEF, SWINE, SHEEP
Dairy Animal Project Worksheet for GOAT, CATTLE
Poultry Project Worksheet
Pet Project Worksheet
Rabbit Project Worksheet
Horse and Pony Project Worksheet
Bucket Bottle Calf Workbook
Bucket Bottle Lamb/Goat Workbook
Animal Identification, Weighing, and Exhibiting Requirements

Communications (Educational Presentation, Working Exhibits, Share-The-Fun, Extemporaneous Speaking, Poster)


Clothing Events (Fashion Revue, Clothing Selection, $15 Challenge)

Clothing Event Sign-Up Form-Due June 1st 
Clothing Event Sign-Up Form

Complete this Report Form 
Awardrobe Clothing Report Form

Clothing Event Judge's Evaluation 
Awardrobe Judges Comment Form

Post Fair Documents

The Keokuk County Expo Fair has come to an end. Now what??

4-Her's are encouraged to complete a record book and apply for awards for our 4-H Awards Night that takes place in November 
You can find this year's award descriptions, award applications, and project record forms below.

If you have any questions, please contact the Keokuk County Extension Office at 641-622-2680 or visit us at 400 220th Avenue, Suite A. Sigourney.

Post Fair Document, Indoor

Keokuk County 4-H Project Awards Criteria
Project  Awards
Basic 4-H Project Record (Juniors-4th grade-6th grade)
Experienced 4-H Project Record (Intermediate-7th grade-8th grade) 
Advanced 4-H Project Record (Seniors-9th grade-12th grade)
Youth Summary
4-H Record Keeping Self-evaluation

Post Fair Document, Livestock

Market Animal Project Worksheet (Junior 4-H'ers)
Market Animal Project Worksheet (Intermediate/Senior)
Breeding Animal Project Worksheet (Junior 4-H'ers)
Breeding Animal Project Worksheet (Intermediate/Senior)