Community Economic Development

Local Highlights

MIndful Mondays
October 22, 2020

Research finds that mindfulness practice can help decrease stress and anxiety, and strengthen resilience and emotional regulation for both adults and youth. 

Child Care
August 26, 2020

Learn about healthy, affordable food choices and physical activities you can offer for children in your care. Topics available related to nutritionfinance, and family life.

Statewide Resources

  • ISU Extension assists Iowa communities in planning and encouraging sustainable community and economic development that lead to positive quality of life for all citizens.

  • ICIP provides data and research on local economic, demographic, and social trends for business and communities.

  • Reports of recent and historical trends in the local retail trade sector by city.

  • Helping the College of Engineering and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach carry out their land-grant university mission to improve the quality of life in Iowa by enhancing the performance of Iowa industry.

  • The CVC facilitates networking among small and medium size rural communities, sponsors policy analyses, engages communities in dialogue, and fosters discussion among rural and urban interests.

  • Data on each county in Iowa including population demographics, education, retail sales, personal income, employment, occupation, housing, and family characteristics.

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