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All Enrollments for Clover Kids are done in 4hOnline    

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We have Help Sheets to make this process easier to understand!

If you are a NEW 4-H'er to Keokuk County - meaning if you are completely new to our program, you will want to look at the "New Family Enrollment" Help Sheets.

If you are a RETURNING 4-H'er in Keokuk County - meaning you were either. a 4-H or Clover Kid member last year, you need to re-enroll! YOU will use the "Member Re-Enrollment" Help Sheets.

Please try to first login yourself and use the Help Sheets to enroll yourself or your child. If you have trouble, please contact the Extension Office at (641) 622-2680.

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Fair Book

2024 Fair Book 

Clover Kids Club Forms

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Clover Kids Annual Club Program Plan

Financial Forms

Club Reimbursement/Voucher Request forms Excel, or PDF
Club Deposit Slip form, Excel or PDF 
Appropriate Use of Iowa 4-H Club Funds
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Clover Kids Expo Fair 

Clover Kids Pet Journal
Clover Kids Master Gardner Journal 
Clover Kids Bucket Bottle Journal