County 4-H News

November 25, 2019

Looking for a unique gift to surprise your grandson, daughter or nephew this year? Give the gift of an
experience they’ll love! We have several options to choose from for camps and trips in 2020. Just pick
your favorite (or a few) of the options listed and we’ll supply you with a themed gift box to give
your loved one over the holidays.

December 11, 2019

Get a start on your 2020 livestock project during this one day workshop on December 27, 2019. We'll hear from experts on overall nutrition, rule changes for 2020 and record keeping. There will be in-depth breakout sessions available for dairy, swine, beef, poultry, rabbit, dog, sheep, goat, horse, pets and other animals.

December 6, 2019

This is a face-to-face YQCA training. Face-to-face training is 60 minute session for $3.00. You can still take YQCA online for $12.00. To attend this training you will need to register online at and select the Cascade location. For other face-to-face training dates check with your county.

Jones County 4-H Member with STATIC project
November 27, 2019

Join us Saturday, December 14, for a fun training designed to prepare individuals for 4-H exhibit/event judging. Participants will leave with information and resources for evaluating exhibits, educating others & encouraging 4-H'ers. Registrations due by December 10. 

November 26, 2019

All youth Pre-K through 6th grade are invited to ring in the new year with family and friends during this celebration! The party will include crafts, activities, snacks and a countdown leading up to Noon, followed by a short party to ring in 2020.

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