: Cascade Beef Weigh-In - Jones County

  • 12/28/2019 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

: 4-H/FFA Market Beef and Performance Beef Weigh-in Information ************SCHEDULE************ We will follow a very similar schedule to previous years: Beef Weigh In & Retinal Imaging - Saturday, December 21, from 8-10:30 a.m., at Kirkwood Comm. College in Cedar Rapids, IA. Beef Weigh-In - Saturday, December 28, from 8-11:00 a.m., at Cascade Sales Barn in Cascade, IA. READ ALL DETAILS BELOW AS TO THE TWO SITES AND ALL PROCEDURES. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2019 Kirkwood Comm. College, Tippie Beef Center in Cedar Rapids The main purpose for this weigh-in is that it will be the mandatory site for all 4-H market beef from Jones County that want to be eligible for the Iowa State Fair (retinal imaging) and AK-SAR-BEN (retinal imaging). However, it will not be limited to just the ISF animals; any member/family can weigh-in all of their market beef (ISF 4-H/FFA, AKSARBEN, and county fair-only) at this site and thereby not have to go to our other Jones Co. weigh-in at Cascade. HOWEVER, Iowa State Fair 4-H and AKSARBEN market beef CANNOT weigh-in at Cascade. Jones County members planning to weigh-in at Kirkwood MUST confirm/commit the number of animals that they are planning to weigh by Monday, December 16. We need to know how many animals are coming. You can confirm/commit by phone at 319-465-3224 or e-mail at The following time schedule will be used at the Kirkwood weigh-in: 8:00 am to 10:30 am Jones County 4-H/FFA (State Fair FFA Performance Beef will weigh at the end of the weigh-in period) ****************************************************************** SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2019 Cascade Livestock Sale Barn in Cascade (North of Cascade on Highway 136) This will be the traditional weigh-in for market beef from Jones County that WILL be eligible for the county fair and WILL NOT be eligible for the Iowa State Fair and/or AK-SAR-BEN. Iowa State Fair 4-H and AKSARBEN market beef CANNOT weigh-in at Cascade. The following time schedule will be enforced at the Cascade weigh-in: 8:30 am to 11:00 am Jones County (county fair-only animals/NO ISF/AK-SAR-BEN calves) (State Fair FFA Performance Beef will weigh at the end of the weigh-in period) We recommend that members with county fair performance beef projects weigh-in during the last hour. ****************************************************************** **PROCEDURES** Kirkwood Only: The first question that you will be asked at the Kirkwood weigh-in site will be: - Do you want to verify any of your animals for the 4-H eligibility at the Iowa State Fair and/or AKSARBEN? -  If YES: 1. Retinal Imaging will be used to verify ALL ISF and AK-SAR-BEN eligible 4-H market beef. 2. ALL ISF/AKSARBEN eligible 4-H market beef animals MUST be identified / verified at the weigh-in. The cost for nominating each animal for the State Fair and AK-SAR-BEN will be $7.00. The $7/head fee will nominate an animal for BOTH State Fair AND AK-SAR-BEN shows. (This does not include the - ear tag fee -  mentioned below in #1.) **REMINDER** It is recommended that all calves be haltered (except for Performance Beef). As the owner of an individual animal, you are responsible for injury or damage caused by that animal not the weigh-in facility or the Extension Service. Please make every effort to have your animals under control at all times. At Both Sites: 1. There will be a $1.00 per head - ear tag fee -  charged for ALL animals that are being weighed in and tagged with Jones County 4-H tags. (This fee is not included in the ISF cost indicated above in #2.) (This ear tag cost may increase in the future as the cost of official USDA tags is evaluated.) (Continued on reverse) 2. FFA members planning to verify animals for the State Fair FFA Performance Beef show can weigh-in at the end of the time period at either site, but must make arrangements with their FFA Advisor to complete the necessary procedures. 3. Any steer intending to show as a registered breed steer MUST be tattooed in the ear with the proper registration tattoo prior to this weigh-in. Actual registration papers are not required at this weigh-in. Registered steers must follow respective breed association rules for proper breed identification and registration requirements. 4. An identification card (one per animal) MUST be completed at the weigh-in. (Exhibitors will receive a copy.) 5. Signatures and waivers will not be necessary again this year as Extension and Outreach staff will input all official data into 4hOnline, members will be notified when this is complete, then it will be up to the 4-H member/parent/guardian to verify the data in 4hOnline is accurate. That replaces the need for signatures. 6. Verification of correct data through 4hOnline MUST be completed by January 15. ****************************************************************** **RULES** -All Breeding Beef (heifers and cows) MUST have ear tattoos and will be checked at the Fair. Animals without readable tattoos or with fresh tattoos with not be permitted to show. Re-tattooing at the Fair will not be allowed. All Breeding Beef MUST also have ONE of the following methods of identification: Registration number (if purebred/breed), calfhood vaccination number, OR an official 4-H eartag. YOU MAY BRING YOUR BREEDING BEEF TO EITHER WEIGH-IN LOCATION TO GET AN OFFICIAL 4-H EARTAG! -Each member can weigh-in up to 10 Market Beef in December (consisting of any combination of Market steers, Market heifers, Dairy steers, 2nd Year Bucket/Bottle, Performance Beef and Market Stock). However, a member cannot weight-in more than 4 steers for the Performance Beef class. No bulls permitted. - Each member can exhibit up to 6 Market Beef at the Fair (consisting of any combination of the animals from the December weigh-in: Market Steers, 2nd Year Bucket/Bottle Market Beef, Market Heifers or Dairy Steers). In addition, a member can exhibit up to 3 calves in the performance Beef class. - Once the market steer is identified for its appropriate class (for example, Registered, County Bred & Raised, Purchased, etc.) on the Market Beef project identification report form/4hOnline (due January 15), they will not be allowed to be switched. The exception to this rule would be for steers without proper verification information will be moved to the Purchased class and the possibility of transferring steers to the Performance Beef class. Market Beef MAXIMUM BEGINNING WEIGHT: 850 lbs. Performance Beef Only (must be steers, no dairy steers) -Recommend: MINIMUM BEGINNING WEIGHT: 650 lbs. -MAXIMUM BEGINNING WEIGHT: 800 lbs. Please note the additional instructions and checklist below. To prevent disappointment, secure the necessary information for completing the Market Beef Identification prior to the weigh-in. MARKET BEEF, PERFORMANCE BEEF, DAIRY STEERS, MARKET STOCK, etc - ¦: Which class will the animal be entered in? REGISTERED (BEEF) STEERS: (Additional information REQUIRED for the ID) Breed of Animal,Sire's Name or Registration Number Tattoo Number as specified by the registration paper and appears in the ear Registered steers must follow respective breed association rules for proper breed identification and registration requirements. COUNTY BRED & RAISED VERIFICATION: Clarification of County Bred & Raised: The intent of the County Bred & Raised class is for animals born and raised in Jones County or by a Jones County 4-H family (even if in an adjacent county). Animals previously designated as Home Raised would qualify for this class. Verification of the producer/origin of the calf MUST be provided at weigh in. 2nd YEAR BUCKET/BOTTLE: This division is limited only to Market Beef (steers or heifers) that were properly identified as the member - ™s Bucket/ Bottle Calf project during 2019 (even if they were not exhibited at the fair). Original ear tags from the 2019 Bucket/Bottle Calf project must be verified at the weigh-in. These animals will be divided into beef and dairy classes at the fair. Please Thank Kirkwood Community College and Cascade Sales Barn for allowing us to use their facilities. As in past years, the weigh-in process takes time & with the Retinal Imaging process at Kirkwood, we - ™re not exactly sure what the pace will be. Plan accordingly. PLEASE be patient & follow instructions. Thank you for cooperating.

: Devan Cress

: Cascade Sale Barn

: 743 IA-136
Cascade IA


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