Jones County Fair Entry System is Open!

Fair Entry Question & Anwsers


What is the website for FairEntry? 

County Fair:
Iowa State Fair Livestock: 

How do I log in? 

4-H members need to login using their 4hOnline account. Click the green button!
FFA Members will need to work with their FFA Advisors as they will be enter all FFA member exhibits into the FairEntry system. 

I don’t remember by 4hOnline password, now what?

DO NOT reset your password from Fair Entry. Visit the NEW 4hOnline at, reset your password THEN go back to Fair Entry. (Why? The short version is there is a glitch between the old 4hOnline and the new one.) 

Is there a video I can watch to show me how to make entries?

Yes! Fair Entry created one. 

Is there a step-by-step help sheet?

Yes! Fair Entry created one. 

It just isn’t working, what do I do?

Fair Entry has TONS of tiny details that sometimes we can miss editing from year to year. PLEASE call or email us if something is off. Office phone number is 319-465-3224. Email us at 

When is the deadline? 

ALL exhibits must be entered by 11:59 pm July 1. NO EXCEPTIONS. This means Clothing, Communications, Livestock, Conference Judging Day, EVERYTHING. Exception: Clover Kids do not enter exhibits into FairEntry System. 

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