Jones County Beef Weigh-In 2020

Jones County Beef Weigh-In is Scheduled for December 19, 2020.
Saturday, December 19th
8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. – County Fair Only
10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. – State Fair Retinal Imaging
11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. – Performance Beef
FFA can attend at any time but must communicate with their FFA advisor.
Cascade Sale Barn: 739 Highway 136 North Cascade, IA 52033
With the current situation of COVID-19 and the unknow of what the upcoming year will look like, there is a high probability that the 2021 fair could be a duplicate or very similar to the 2020 fair. We would like all families to keep this in mind as they go forward with selecting livestock for this year’s fair.
COVID-19 Procedures: Due to COVID-19, all families weighing in this year are asked to abide by the following COVID-19 procedures for the day:
• Families must remain in their vehicles at all times until it is their turn to weigh-in.
• Paperwork will be handed to you while waiting in line from a volunteer.
o Please fill out paperwork prior to entering the facilities to weigh.
o We will be practicing a one-time pen use. Please keep this pen with you to finish paperwork once you have completed weighing and enter the pay location.
• Once you have finished weighing in you will enter the office section of the facilities to finalize paperwork.
o One family in the office at a time.
• MASK ARE REQUIRED FOR ANYONE ATTENDING THIS WEIGH-IN. If you choose to not wear a mask you will be asked to stay in your vehicle.
o Cascade Livestock Auction, LLC has a mask mandate for entering their facility.
o Iowa State University Extension & Outreach has a mask mandate for all Extension events and offices. This includes staff, volunteers, 4-H members and families.
• All market beef animal data must be entered by February 1st!
• An animal can ONLY be identified under ONE 4-H member.
• County Staff will verify and/or correct animal ID information after families enter data.
With families entering their own data this year signatures are required! Signatures will be required from exhibitor, parent, and 4-H Program Coordinator. State Fair animals will require signatures from exhibitor, parent, 4-H Program Coordinator and the Image Collector.
All market heifers, steers, and performance beef that 4-H/FFA members wish to show at the 2021 Great Jones County Fair MUST be weighed in on this day. If you are unable to attend this weigh-in, you are responsible for contacting the office. Performance beef must also be weighed in on this day. Breeding Heifers may attend the weigh-in if they wish to get tagged with a 4-H tag.
There is a $1 tag fee to show at county fair & $8 retinal/tag fee to show at State Fair.
All market animals planning to show at the Iowa State Fair must be weighed in on this day at the Cascade Sale Barn. Retinal imaging will be done on-site. There will be retinal imaging identification requirements done for State Fair animals which will be included in the $8.00 fee.
4-H members identifying market beef need to make sure they are enrolled in 4hOnline 2.0 BEFORE the weigh-in. All members must be enrolled in 4hOnline 2.0 prior to weigh-in for market animal information to be entered into the system. 4hOnline has updated to a new version with a new link:
Please note that anyone interested in showing in the breed specific classes will need to have their animal updated in 4hOnline prior to February 1st with registration information in 4hOnline 2.0. A copy of registration papers must be turned in to the Extension Office by July 1st to be able to show in these classes.
It is recommended that all calves be haltered. As the owner of an individual animal, you are responsible for injury or damage caused by that animal not the weigh-in facility or the Extension Office. Please make every effort to have your animals under control at all times.
Included in this letter is information regarding the beef project area acceptable forms of identification for market beef and breeding beef.
We look forward to seeing you on December 19th!
Beef Project Acceptable Forms of Identification:
Market Beef
• Each member can weigh-in up to 10 Market Beef in December (consisting of any combination of Market steers, Market heifers, Dairy steers, 2nd Year Bucket/Bottle, Performance Beef and Market Stock).
o However, a member cannot weight-in more than 4 steers for the Performance Beef class.
o No bulls permitted.
• Each member can exhibit up to 6 Market Beef at the Fair (consisting of any combination of the animals from the December weigh-in: Market Steers, 2nd Year Bucket/Bottle Market Beef, Market Heifers or Dairy Steers).
o In addition, a member can exhibit up to 3 calves in the performance Beef class.
• Once the market steer is identified for its appropriate class (for example, Registered, County Bred & Raised, Purchased, etc.) on the Market Beef project identification report form/4hOnline 2.0 they will not be allowed to be switched.
o The exception to this rule would be for steers without proper verification information will be moved to the Purchased class and the possibility of transferring steers to the Performance Beef class.
• It is recommended that Market Beef maximum beginning weight is: 850 lbs.
o If your animal does not meet the 2.0 rate of gain per day you will automatically be placed into the “special feeder class” at fair.
• Performance Beef Only (must be steers, no dairy steers):
o Recommend: MINIMUM BEGINNING WEIGHT: 650 lbs.
• Please note the additional instructions and checklist below. To prevent disappointment, secure the necessary information for completing the Market Beef Identification prior to the weigh-in.
o MARKET BEEF, PERFORMANCE BEEF, DAIRY STEERS, MARKET STOCK, etc…: Which class will the animal be entered in?
(Additional information REQUIRED for the ID)
Breed of Animal
Sire's Name or Registration Number
Tattoo Number as specified by the registration paper and appears in the ear.
Registered steers must follow respective breed association rules for proper breed identification and registration requirements.
A copy of registration papers must be turned in to the Extension office by July 1st to be able to show in these classes.
Clarification of County Bred & Raised: The intent of the County Bred & Raised class is for animals born and raised in Jones County or by a Jones County 4-H family (even if in an adjacent county). Animals previously designated as Home Raised would qualify for this class. Verification of the producer/origin of the calf MUST be provided at weigh in.
This division is limited only to Market Beef (steers or heifers) that were properly identified as the member’s Bucket/ Bottle Calf project during 2020 (even if they were not exhibited at the fair). Original ear tags from the 2020 Bucket/Bottle Calf project must be verified at the weigh-in. These animals will be divided into beef and dairy classes at the fair.
Breeding Heifer
• Each member can identify up to 10 head of breeding beef heifers and/or cows (cow-calf unit counts as one head). Each member may exhibit up to 4 breeding heifers (consisting of any combination of breeds and classes from properly identified animals) and 2 cow-calf units.
• All breeding beef (heifers and cows) MUST have ear tattoos and will be checked at the fair.
• Animals without readable tattoos or with fresh tattoos will not be permitted to show. Re-tattooing at the fair will not be allowed.
• All Breeding Beef MUST also have ONE of the following methods of identification:
o Registration number (if purebred/breed)
o Calf hood vaccination number
o Electronic ID Tag (EID)
o Official 4-H ear tag
 You may bring your breeding beef to weigh-in to get an official 4-H ear tag.
• A heifer cannot be identified as both a breeding heifer and market heifer. The same breeding heifer cannot be identified as both a Registered Heifer and a Commercial Heifer.
Thank you for cooperating.
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