‘Words on Wellness’ Helps to Keep Iowans Healthy

‘Words on Wellness’ Helps to Keep Iowans Healthy
Human Sciences Extension and Outreach newsletter encourages positive life-style changes in nutrition and wellness
AMES, Iowa – Healthy lifestyle changes are hard to make but with the right information and support those changes can come more easily. “Words on Wellness,” a Human Sciences Extension and Outreach newsletter from Iowa State University, has been providing Iowans with that support and useful information on staying healthy for the past six years.
“Words on Wellness” was developed in 2010 and focuses on providing current, researched-based information on nutrition, food safety and physical activity topics. This monthly, free, electronic newsletter is an easy read for the typical busy person. Iowans without Internet access may pick up a paper copy of the newsletter at their local county extension office or request that a copy be sent to them by U.S. mail.
“Our goal with the ‘Words on Wellness’ newsletter is to provide a uniform message across the state about current nutrition and food safety topics,” said Sarah Francis, a human sciences state specialist in nutrition and wellness. “Each of our specialists out in the field, including Rachel Wall is responsible for writing the articles.”
This newsletter provides readers with current research and explains how that information can be used in everyday life. “Words on Wellness” is geared towards the needs of Iowans. Current subscribers have expressed how the newsletter is relevant and reliable, said Francis.
“We are able to bring the science to the people at a level that’s understandable and useable for our readers,” said Francis.
In addition to the newsletter format, “Words on Wellness” is available as a blog. The blog covers similar topics to the newsletter and posts weekly. Both newsletter and blog have been gaining great success and those receiving and using “Words on Wellness” are making lifestyle changes, said Francis.
“Our goal at ISU Extension and Outreach is to see a change,” said Francis. “People are reporting that they are making lifestyle changes and going out educating others about what they’ve learned in the ‘Words on Wellness’ newsletter.”
For more information on the “Words on Wellness” newsletter and blog visit www.extension.iastate.edu/humansciences/words-wellness.

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