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Club Meetings
Parliamentary Procedure
Club Officer Roles

Below are some ideas for what each club officer could/should do in their position. Please understand though that these roles can be combined, split, or not even used. Officer positions held should be based on what the club needs. If a club wants one officer position to be the liaison between County 4-H Council and the club that can be a position for that club.


Meeting Activities Ideas

These are a list of games and activities that 4-H staff have enjoyed using. Most of these games require little to no supplies. If you need supplies for a game or activity, please reach out the Extension Office to see if we have some on hand. This is not an exhaustive list and if you have something that you think we should add to this please email or

Get to Know You Games
Use these games for ice breakers prior to a meeting or as a brain break during a meeting.

During a Meeting Game
This game is designed to keep people listening and engaged.

Team Building Games
Help your club become a team using these games.

These games will get your club up and moving!

4-H Inspire Kids to Do Activity Guide
Inspire kids to do all year long with fun, skill-building activities.

Coloring Pages