Field Specialist II or III - Crops (80067P)

The Department of Extension to Agriculture and Natural Resources with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Field Specialist – Crops. Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension field specialists provide educational leadership in the application of knowledge, grounded in research-based science, to help Iowans and agricultural industry prosper.

Educational leadership responsibilities of this position will focus on all aspects of field crop production through the development, delivery, and support for crop production, crop protection, and crop systems programming, and applied studies. In addition, this position will be part of the core crops team and assist with statewide programming and area interdisciplinary team efforts. Program audiences include farmers, farm families, land owners, lenders, agricultural businesses, cooperatives, farm organizations, commodity groups, citizen organizations, community colleges, and mass media. This position will focus on developing and delivering research-based information and education to benefit Iowa growers. Information and education delivery will be directly to grower and in conjunction with and through agribusinesses, educational institutions, governmental agencies, farm and conservation organizations and the mass media. The position will also bring subject-matter expertise to interdisciplinary teams addressing priority issues. The incumbent may participate in grant and contract opportunities.

This position will participate in grant and contract opportunities and be active in revenue generation. Responsibilities of this position will also include entrepreneurial, collaborative, service and administrative functions with ISU. Programmatic leadership is provided through the Agriculture and Natural Resources Crops Team. Subject matter leadership is provided through the ISU Departments of Agronomy, Entomology, and Plant Pathology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Additional duties of this position may include developing and managing an agricultural applied studies and educational program on cooperating private farmers’ fields focusing on crops, soils, manure management, and pest management. This will involve recruiting cooperating farms, contacting potential project leaders, developing experimental plans, implementing plans, keeping cooperating farmers engaged, coordinating educational field days, collecting and analyzing data and reporting results.

This position will be filled at the Field Specialist II or III level. In addition to duties above, a Field Specialist III will create and deliver comprehensive and complex interdisciplinary programming; conduct and analyzes needs assessment activities and identify, develop, and implement innovative and creative ways to meet clients’ needs; establishes, organizes, and facilitates networks and coalitions at the local, area, and state levels to build community capacity; and provide leadership/supervision and subject-matter expertise at the local, area, state, and national level.

Southeast or South Central Iowa (preferred)
Guaranteed Consideration Date: 
Sunday, March 4, 2018