Volunteer Resources

There are Six Simple Steps to Becoming a Jefferson County Volunteer

  1. Decide that you want to help kids grow and explore their futures.
  2. Watch the Orientation videos to learn more about 4-H and opportunities available to you.
  3. Contact your local ISU Extension office to find out about local opportunities.
  4. Complete Iowa State University Extension’s Child Protection and Safety Policy (CPSP) process, including a background screening and agree to the Code of Conduct for Iowa 4-H Volunteers.
  5. Attend a local/state training.
  6. Share your skills, knowledge and talents while having FUN with kids!

Potential Volunteer Opportunities

Youth Committee

County Youth Committees are vital partners in fulfilling the mission of 4-H at the county level. Members are youth and adults from the county who are committed to taking an active role in the decision-making, planning, conducting and evaluating of county 4-H programs. You can serve on two committees from January to December and have the option to be reappointed every year.

Jefferson County Bylaws

Youth Committee Handbook

  1. Program Growth Committee 
  2. Recruitment
  3. Retention and Recognition
  4. Fair (three different committees)  
    • Livestock Superintendents 
    • Static Building Superintendents 
    • Showmanship  
  5. Fundraising

More information on committee descriptions

If you would like to be apart of the Youth Committee you will need to fill out an application, pass a background screening, and be approved by the Extension Council

  • Youth Committee Adult Application - Fillable PDF
  • Background Screening Application - PDF
  • Code of Conduct for Volunteers - PDF
  • Confidentiality Statement - PDF
4-H Club Leader

Club volunteers provide overall leadership to club or group organization, overseeing the structure and operation and serving as the club’s contact with Extension staff and other 4-H volunteers.They help 4-H club members grow and reach their fullest potential by supporting them to conduct meaningful, educational experiences. View a complete club leader position description.

Project Leader

Project volunteers help members plan and conduct projects. Sometimes project volunteers assist with clubs that are organized around one project area and sometimes a project volunteer assists youth interested in a specific project area but the youth belong to a club with members interested in many different project areas. A good example is a horse project club - where the entire focus of the club is on horses. View a complete project leader position description

Clover Kids Volunteer

Clover Kids volunteers promote positive development for children ages K-3 through cooperative learning and developmentally appropriate practices. They provide opportunities for youth to practice 5 life skills:  self-understanding, social interaction, decision-making, learning to learn, and mastering physical skills. View a complete Clover Kids volunteer position description.

4-H Judge

4-H judges support learning and growth opportunities for youth through the project judging experience at local county fairs. It allows adults to share their expertise with 4-H youth by judging projects that interest to them. Visit Information for Judges for additional details.

4-H Mentor

4-H mentors provide new 4-H volunteers with the support, encouragement, training and personal contact to help them become well-rounded, knowledgeable, confident 4-H volunteers. This position will help produce a solid network of volunteers to enhance our 4-H youth program. View a complete 4-H mentor position description

County 4-H Volunteer

There are many ways to support the 4-H program at the county level. Volunteers are needed to give guidance to policy and priority setting and to conduct county and regional programs and activities. Contact your local ISU Extension and Outreach Office to learn more about 4-H volunteer opportunities in your county.