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July 2024 - June 2025

This Newsletter Contains Trainings between July 2024 and June 2025. Please check I-Power training Registry if Interested. If training is not on I-Power, email Jasmine with your information, including the training's name and date. 


February 2024 - June 2024 

This Newsletter contains trainings between February 2024 and June 2024. Please check  I- Power training Registry if interested. If training is not on I-Power email Jasmine with your information, including the training's name and date.


July 2024- June 2025

Printable Calendars with all scheduled trainings. As trainings are scheduled, the calendars will be updated. Check the above newsletter for additional information of the trainings. 


Feburary 2024 - June 2024 

Printable calendars with all scheduled trainings. Most to appear as tentative trainings become permanent. 

Early Care and Education in Jasper, Marion and Poweshiek County


Meet your licensing requirements and professional development goals as an early childhood educator. Explore our online and face-to-face opportunities.

Upcoming Provider Trainings for Jasper, Marion, and Poweshiek Counties are below. If interested, don't hesitate to contact Jasmine Bailey at 641-792-6433 or, Early Care and Education Coordinator for Jasper, Marion, and Poweshiek County. 

Building Resilience With Storybooks - Free (4 Credit Hours)

Session 1: June 18th, 6 pm - 8 pm

Session 2: June 25th, 6 pm - 8 pm 

Located: Jasper County ISU Extension and Outreach, Newton, IA 

CPR/ First Aid Certification $100/Participant

Joe Coen

This course is taught by an American Heart Association Instructor. CPR covers infant, child, and adult CPR. This certification is for two years each.

All Sessions are from 6:15 pm - 10 pm 

July 23rd, 2024 @Jasper County ISU Extension and Outreach

August 15th, 2024 @Marion County ISU Extension and Otutreach

September 24th, 2024 @ Drake Community Library

October 15th, 2024 @ Jasper County ISU Extension and Outreach

November 5th, 2024 @Marion County ISU Extension and Outreach

December 10th, 2024 @Drake Community Library

January - June Trainings will be scheduled in December and be included in another page in the future

Children in Grief - Free ( 2 Credit Hours)

Leah Garland

This training is for caregivers to learn how to help the children in their lives who are grieving. The presentation will offer activities, discussions, videos, and resources to help caregivers find hope as they support the children who are wading through the difficult grief process.

August 19th, 2024 6pm-8pm @ Marion County ISU Extension and Outreach

May 8th, 2025 6pm-8pm @ Jasper County ISU Extension and Outreach

Overcoming Negativity - Free (2 Credit Hours)

Jenn Kovach

This training is for caregivers to learn how to help the children in their lives who are grieving. The presentation will offer activities, discussions, videos, and resources to help caregivers find hope as they offer support to the children in their lives who are wading through the difficult grief process.

August 24th, 2024 10am -12pm Virtual - VIA Zoom

Virtual Book Study - $30/ Participant for Book (6 Credit Hours)

If you need help purchasing, please let Jasmine know. 

Sherri Peterson

UNI Invites infant and todder educators and administrators to join us for a virtual book study with our recently published book “Investigating STEM with infants and toddlers”. We will meet for four 1.5 hour sessions in which we will discuss the readings assigned for the week as well as additional resources provided by the instructor.

4 Sessions - Must attend all sessions

September 26th, 2024

October 10th , 2024

October 17th, 2024

November 24th, 2024

6pm-7:30pm Virtual - VIA Zoom

Food Safety Escape Challenge - Free (2 Credit Hours) 

Cathy Drost

Keep children safe – practice basic food safety! This session will review the 4 FightBac! messages – separate, clean, cook and chill. Participants will be actively engaged in a series of ‘escape room’ activities. To successfully ‘escape’ food safety risks, participants will need to appropriately respond to 9 different food safety activities.

October 12th, 2024 10am-12pm @ Jasper County ISU Extension and Outreach

Gardening with Children - Free (2 Credit Hours)

Cathy Drost

Can digging in the dirt be good for children? Yes, when it encourages children to taste new vegetables that they’ve helped to grow. Gardening with children promotes a healthy lifestyle, early learning experiences, social development, and environmental stewardship. You’ll engage in experiential-learning gardening activities through crafts, literacy, container gardening, and taste testing.

March 8th, 2025 9:30am-11:30am @ Drake Community Library in Grinnell

Growing Up Wild - Free (4 Credit Hours)

Karie Foster

Wiggling worms and giggling children — that’s what you can expect with this wildlife education session! You’ll examine ways to build and nurture children’s sense of wonder about nature, wildlife, and the great outdoors.

June 21st, 2024 10am-2pm @Drake Community Library in Grinnell

**Lunch will be provided** If any food allergies please let Jasmine know as soon as you register.

Are you are our next Symposium Committee?

We are looking for providers in each county to help plan next year’s symposium.

We are planning to meet once a month July 2024- February 2025 via zoom and twice a month March 2025 and April 2025 in person as we gather products and build any projects. 

Please contact Jasmine at if you are interested!

ECE Grant Information

Jasmine has been working on a document with all the options you can have for Early Care and Education Grants locally, Iowa, and federally. 

View document Here: ECE Grants for Providers

If there are any that we are missing, please email Jasmine with the name of the grant and supporting material. 


Tax Information for 2025

In various counties, there are Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) programs where they can help employees and parents file their taxes. In the 2024 tax filing season, they helped anyone with an income of $64,000 or less file their tax return. It is expected in 2025, the number will increase to about $67,000.

Jeff Graney, a Human Sciences Extension Specialist, is available to help answer financial questions for your business or personal.

Contact info:


Jasmine Bailey

Early Care and Education Coordinator
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach- Jasper County
550 N 2nd Ave W
Newton, IA 50208
Office Hours:
Monday- Thursday: 8 am - 4:30 pm
Friday: 8 am - 12 pm


Stem Scale Up Program 2025-2026

The STEM Scale-Up Program of the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council is a signature investment of state and private funds in students and educators with ample accumulated evidence of effect. The Council’s intention is to bring top STEM education opportunities to all learners, especially those historically underserved. The intent is to seed, jumpstart or expand little-known and exemplary programs proven to inspire and educate PreK-12 students, enabling educational organizations to sustain beyond the Council’s trial investment.

The resource information associated with the buttons below may change before the 2025-2026 Request for Proposals opens in August 2024.

Want more information? Watch the informational webinar for providers Click here to watch webinar recording or go to

Child Care Provider Workshops

2-hour workshops focused on healthy, affordable food choices and physical activities for children in your care, allergies, food safety, communication, child care business, and more.

Environment Rating Scale Training and Assessment

Interested in improving the quality of your childcare program in a fun and interactive way? Learn how to use Environment Rating Scales to assess and improve the quality of childcare programs.

Iowa Early Learning Standards 3rd Edition Orientation

Review Iowa’s Early Learning Standards, learn how to use the standards, and plan developmentally appropriate activities for young children, ages birth to 5.

Universal Precautions

Learn ways to prevent infection in child care and protect yourself and others using Universal Precautions. Discover how to access, develop, and use an Exposure Control Plan, an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirement.

Passport to Early Childhood Education

  • Program Administrators: Refine your skills as a supervisor, coach, and mentor to early childhood teachers and staff. Discover how to give effective feedback, challenge growth, and nurture ongoing professionalism.
  • Teacher and Staff Orientation: Learn the basic skills and knowledge to teach and care for children in child care centers, preschool, or school-age care programs. Discover how to support early learning, build positive relationships, and ensure children’s health and safety.


A professional development system supporting consultants employed by Iowa Child Care Resource & Referral who work closely with early childhood programs to identify program strengths and problem-solve challenges.