Wireless Network

Wireless connectivity is available in all Extension and Outreach field offices and throughout much of the ISU campus. Wireless is a great extension to your existing wired local area network, adding flexibility and mobility for wireless-capable devices. Some common uses may include laptops, smartphones and other wireless equipment. Users may include any Iowa State University faculty, staff or students, and any guests you may be collaborating with in your office. NetReg applies to wireless just as it does wired networking.

Where is Wireless Available?

Extension IT provides wireless networking in all Extension and Outreach field offices, but how much of the office space is covered will vary depending on floorplan, building materials, etc. ISU IT Services provides wireless networking throughout much of the ISU campus. View a campus wireless map to determine availability.

Using a Public Wireless Network

Many public locations including cafes, hotels and conference facilities may have public wireless networks which you may use. For maximum security use only secure services (such as Outlook Web Access) or use virtual private networking (VPN) to secure all traffic to Iowa State.

When Not to Use Wireless

Wireless is not the solution to every problem. Certain scenarios are best suited for wired ethernet connections, including desktop computers, printers and any machine used to view video streams or participate in Adobe Connect web conferences.  As always, wired connections are more secure in regards to protecting your data.