Windows 10: Windows Edge

Windows 10: Windows Edge

This is a tutorial through the new Windows browser, Edge. This comes with the new Windows 10 operating system. To learn more about Windows 10, click the link for the full webinar. 

To start using Windows Edge select the edge icon on the dashboard of your new Windows 10 computer. Once you click, a new browser window will open. 


The new Windows Edge search window is what you first access. This includes tiles of most popular sites, such as Netflix, Facebook, and Twitter. Windows Edge is still being finalized and thus is used along with Internet Explorer. 

Search bar is address book also












Also new changes include a sleek search bar that is not only a search bar but address book that remembers recent sites. 

Bing is the chosen search engine and all results are shown on Bing. 

Edge home screen with various titles

Bing search engine looks similar and sleek



To access Settings, select the three dots in the upper right corner. This gives you access to settings as well as the option to open sites with Internet Explorer in case sites are not loading correctly.

Settings panel to change home screen














Once Settings are open you have control over adding favorites, or bookmarks to the Favorites Bar which can be turned on or off. 

Windows Edge is designed to be sleek and efficient so it will always open with search screen and top sites. However to change this you can select which option is best for you under the Open With menu. 












Web Notes

Another cool new feature of Windows Edge is the ability to create Web Notes on any site. These allow for anyone to create notes, highlight, or even draw on any website and share. For teaching purposes the possibilities are endless. In order to open click the Web Note icon. Once you do so a new purple Web Notes bar with icons will appear. 

web notes screen is surrounded by purple borderWeb notes are a new feature, next to settings menu

web notes icons for drawing or commenting

Each icon allows for different tools. The blue Pen icon lets you draw with your mouse. To change colors click the icon and select the desired color. See the blue arrow in the image 1. 

The yellow Highlighter allows you to draw attention to specific text. See the Iowa State University logo in image 2. Text is not covered, just highlighted. To erase the anything simply select the Eraser icon to remove any notes.

Next the Type icon creates text boxes in which you can type notes on any area of the screen. See image 3. The icon next to it allows you to Clip specific sections of the website with your drawings or notes.

1.Blue pen to color2.Yellow highlighter to select text 3. Commenting with text

To share your work select the the Share icon next to the Save icon on the right side of the screen, with this you can share the notes you have created to anyone who then can access. To Exit, select exit. 

to share select the round icon next to the exit button



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