Windows 10: Features

Windows 10: Features

Home screen as new instal is addedThis tutorial will walk you through the new Windows operating system Windows 10 and its features. To learn more about Windows 10, click the link for the full webinar. 

To start using Windows 10 turn on your computer with updated system. This operating system will be replacing Windows 7, 8 & 8.1. It will be on all platforms, such as tablets, phones, laptops, and gaming systems. 

On the bottom you still have your dock with Start button and icons pre-added by Windows. This includes the new Windows Edge, a new internet browser. On the right side you have access to battery life, volume, connectivity, and the Action Center.

Action Center

To access the Action center select the icon next to the time and date.  This will pull up the Action Center which shows all settings and maintenance tools in one area. 

action center icon next to volume icon




Action center shows toolboxThe top of the Action Center holds Notifications, if Outlook is set up it will show new emails as well as Calendar events created on your machine. Click on a topic and it will open and give more information on each.

The toolbox below holds various settings. You can control everything from this central area. Since the operating system is universal and is used on various devices you can toggle between tablet mode and desktop mode here. 

toolbox contains settings to control OS




Tablet Mode

tablet mode allows for titles that can be quickly usedWindows 10 provides sleek transitions between desktop and tablet mode. Once you select Tablet Mode your screen will transform to an efficient, tile system. Access to common programs and games are listed. This is easy to use when utilizing touch-screen capabilities. These tiles can also be customized.








Settings panel in tablet mode to access programsTo access settings select the Hamburger menu. This gives you access to various programs and contacts, as well as Settings and access to all apps on the system. To return to desktop version select Action Center and turn Tablet Mode off. 









Snap Feature

snap feature shows open screens for easy selectionWindows has also updated their Snap feature which lets you take and split screens and work between both. To do so drag a window over to one side and you will see an opaque box around half of the screen. Drop the window here and it will snap to that half.

snap feature between word and internet explorerNow the update shows all other open windows and you can quickly select between which two screens you want to work. Simply click the desired screen. You will see both screens split on the desktop.


snap allows you to split between four screensOn top of splitting between two screens you can now split the screen into fourths. To do so simply drag one of the windows into one of the corners. Another opaque box will appear in the upper half, drop the screen here. Again you then can quickly click the other screen you want to fill the other part of the screen. 





Cortana & Search Bar

cortana welcome screen with insturctionsWindows 10 also includes access to Cortana, the Windows version of Siri. You can talk to your device and Cortana will perform the actions. When first using the search bar this message will appear. For Extension usage you will most likely not need Cortana. In addition to use you must have a Microsoft Account, which will need to be set up individually as we do not provide this through Extension. 

To turn off Cortana, select No thanks. You will then be able to use the Search Bar as normal. This allows you to search through your programs and online. You also have access to settings. 

Search bar without cortana looks normal

Microsoft Store

various applications can be downloaded for useAlong with Windows 10 comes access to the Microsoft Store. You can access various applications that can be added to your desktop or tablet. Similar to the App Store for Apple.

In order to download applications you again need to have a Microsoft account, which will need to be set up individually. If backups or resets are needed all applications downloaded are not affiliated with the University and so these will need to be reinstalled by the user not IT. 

App store allows for download of apps on the computer