Web Conference Requirements


  • Client machines must be either a Windows or Macintosh platform to support file and application sharing capabilities.
  • An active internet connection.  High speed is recommended for optimal experience.
  • A browser that supports your web conferencing choice
  • Any speaker must have a working, configured microphone for use with their computer.
    • Any speaker intending to use the optional video broadcasting feature must have a working camera connected to their computer.
    • Video adds additional strain to the network connection so it is recommended that this feature only be used by presenters who have a reliable, very high bandwidth connection.
  • See Web Conferencing Equipment

Specific Web Conferencing

Each type of web conferencing solution has different requirements. It is suggested that presenters do no present using mobile (phone) technology. It is best to use a computer or tablet.

Adobe Connect

As of 2019, ISU Extension’s Adobe Connect system still requires Flash be installed on Host or Presenters computers. A new version coming in 2020 will not require Flash.

For Hosts, Presenters and Participants we suggest installing the Adobe Connect App.


Extension does not manage the Zoom web conferencing. It is managed by ITS on the ISU campus. They offer Zoom Basic and limited Zoom Pro accounts. For more information on Zoom, see the ITS page.


WebEx is a newer web conferencing solution also managed by ITS on the ISU campus. For more information on this product and availability, contact ITS.

For your convenience, Extension IT keeps a list of recommended web conferencing gear.

You should also test with our Connect server to ensure your connection and hardware/software is working correctly.