Web Conference Models

Iowa State University Extension offers different web conference models using the Adobe Connect Web Conferencing System.

  1. Facilitated meetings using VOIP. The host facilitator will ensure the presentation materials are loaded and ready for use and the meeting space is prepared for clients to enter. This is adequate when there are smaller groups who have reliable VOIP equipment and internet connections
  2. Self-managed VOIP meetings. The presenter is responsible for creating and managing all aspects of the meeting. The presenter must have a Connect host account.

The Connect Host Facilitator will perform the following duties:

  • Materials to be presented will be loaded into the meeting space at least four hours before the meeting starts
  • Starting and stopping the conference
  • Assisting with the selection of tools and the meeting layouts for the conference
  • Helping the conference attendees join the conference
  • Providing directions and support to attendees and dialing-out as needed
  • Giving Presenter status and capability to participants as appropriate
  • Assisting with the general management of the conference
  • Providing web addresses of the recorded events to the meeting requester