Sponsored Net-ID Accounts

What are Sponsored Net-IDs?

There are four types of sponsored Net-ID accounts at Iowa State.  Net-IDs are necessary to access university resources like shared drives, to log onto the network, and to send and receive email.  All Iowa State faculty, staff and students register for a Net-ID when they come to Iowa State.  Sometimes someone who's affiliated with the university, but not technically faculty, staff or a student needs access to resources, sometimes a department needs an account for a special purpose, sometimes students need access to specific resources as a student employee.  Sponsored Net-ID accounts are for:

  1. Extension of an Existing Net-ID
    BEFORE the person in question leaves Iowa State University and if they have additional work to complete, their current Net-ID can be extended.
  2. New Net-ID for an Affiliate (not otherwise eligible)
    This category is for people who are affiliated with iowa State University and need access to resources, but are not regular faculty, staff, or students.  Examples include: contract bookkeeper, third-party software support, outside consultant.
  3. New Role Net-ID (for ISU business purpose)
    A Role Net-ID is used to perform a specific university business function (departmental Net-ID, resource Net-ID)
  4. New Secondary Net-ID (for a student employee)
    As a student employee, this Net-ID allows access to resources, Exchange email, and shared calendars.  A secondary Net-ID can go away when the student leaves the job without affecting his or her primary Net-ID.

Who can sponsor accounts?

Any ISU-paid staff can sponsor an account for any of the purposes listed above.  Currently, county-paid staff can sponsor Affiliate Net-IDs and extend an existing Net-ID.  To sponsor additional accounts, contact your regional director.  Sponsored accounts must first be approved by a department head or their delegates before the account can be created.  Student secondary Net-IDs are tied to a student primary account and can be sponsored without an additional approval step.

How are sponsored accounts requested?

  1. Log into https://asw.iastate.edu
  2. Select Manage Sponsored Net-IDs
  3. Select Request a New Sponsored Net-ID
  4. Choose the specific type of Sponsored Net-ID you're requesting
  5. Fill in the appropriate information
  6. You MUST give a reason for requesting the account, otherwise your request will be denied.
  7. Select Approver (the default is most likely correct, but you can click on the down arrow for additional options)
  8. Route Request

Once the account is approved you and the person you're sponsoring (if you've provided an email) will get a notification.  Make sure the person whose account you're sponsoring understands ISU policies for using IT resources: