Shared (S:) Drive Cleanup

August 7, 2015

Shared (S:) drive cleanup

All departments and field offices have access to a shared drive which you will generally see on your computer as your S: drive.  On the S: drive you can store files that need to be shared with your entire office.  This is a useful tool to make sure that information is available and easy to access.  There are some important things to keep in mind when deciding what information to put on your S: drive and how long to keep it there, however.


S: drive storage is not unlimited

While we're not currently in danger of filling up the shared drives overnight, there is a limit on the storage available and you'll want to clean off old files as well as only putting files on the S: drive that truly need to be shared.  It is not a location to back up your laptop or desktop or to archive twenty-year-old files that can't be opened any longer.  Deletion or Cybox are alternatives.


Files stored on your S: drive can be viewed, edited and deleted by anyone

If you need more security or more control over who can view, edit, or delete your files Cybox is a better alternative than the S: drive.  Currently Cybox offers at least 200G of storage for each staff member.  You control who has access to the files and whether they can edit or delete them.  CyBox also makes it possible for you to share with staff who aren't in your county but whom you may be working with on a team or project.


Old files

Are there files on your shared drive that you no longer recognize?  Were they put there by someone who hasn't worked in the office in five or ten years?  If no one knows what they are or why they were saved to the shared drive, delete them?  It's easy to ignore those files but they present a security risk and they take up room that could be used to store files your office needs.  If you don't have time to go through all the files on your shared drive (and most of us don’t) pick a regular weekly time to go through a single folder or set a goal of reviewing ten old files each week.