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Crop an Image in Preview (Mac)

Need to add an image to your website, but it's too big?  This tutorial will walk you through the steps of cropping an image using the program called Preview, which is automatically installed on Macintosh computers.  You can view the tutorial for the Windows program called Paint here.  A common use case would be uploading banners to the announcement content type, which require that the images be 1180px x 346px.

Office 365 - What is it? What can it do?

In 2014, ISU moved from a locally hosted email system to Office 365, which stores email, calendar and contact information in the cloud. Much of this is transparent, but there are also some added benefits and resources are available. We’ll be taking a look at the different options available at, what they can do and some of the ways you might want to use them.

How to use Site Analytics to Improve a Website

Every month, you get pages of analytical data about your website. But what does all of the information mean and how can you it to better your website? Having analytics data is the first step in understanding what you need to do to improve your website. But that is only half the battle. Understanding what it is telling you is what really matters. Join us as we walk through each step of the Piwik Analytics report and share how you can use that information to get to know your audience and provide more meaningful interactions with them.