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By Phone: 515-294-1725
By Email:

The Extension IT Computer Support Hotline is available M-F from 8 AM to Noon and 1 PM to 5 PM to answer your computer questions and troubleshoot problems.  When you call be prepared to provide your name, where you're calling from and a brief description of the problem, including make and model of the computer, software running, specific error messages, and any recent changes you've made to the system.


Tech Support

Extension Information Technology (EIT) provides support for hardware, software, and network infrastructure for ISU Extension field and campus staff.  Hardware should meet minimum support standards; software should be on our supported software list.  In addition to the materials linked here, we provide telephone support (EIT Computer Support Hotline), email support (, and remote assistance. Updates, alerts, and current news items can be found on the news link, Tech News


Network Registration

NetReg is a registration system which identifies computers connected to the IASTATE network.  It helps to provide a secure network and to identify systems that have been compromised before they can cause problems for the rest of the network or for other computers.

Any computer that connects to the IASTATE network will be asked to complete a one-time registration before being granted access to the Internet.  All network devices must be registered--this includes tablets and smartphones, if they're using the IASTATE network


Ordering Network Printers

Due to the increasing number of makes, models and options in printing devices we are no longer able to pick favorites each month. For advice in purchasing a printer please contact: 


Ordering External Hard Drives

External hard drives are extremely useful for backing up or archiving large amounts of data, and they can be purchased at many major retailers including Best Buy, Staples, Walmart and of course online. They are a fairly commodity item that you can walk in and purchase, but there are a few things you should consider when selecting a specific model:


Network Overview

Extension offices across the state of Iowa are typically connected to the Iowa State University campus network through private, dedicated T1 links. All internet traffic to and from Extension offices passes through ISU. Additionally, core network services such as DHCP (for IP address assignment) and DNS (for name resolution) are provided by ISU IT Services for the entire ISU community. 


Wireless Network

Wireless connectivity is available in all Extension and Outreach field offices and throughout much of the ISU campus. Wireless is a great extension to your existing wired local area network, adding flexibility and mobility for wireless-capable devices. Some common uses may include laptops, smartphones and other wireless equipment. Questions regarding this information are answered below.