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About Luggage

Luggage is a platform for creating websites, targeted at academic websites for departments and researchers.

The platform is built on Drupal and consists of features that come with configuration. For example, the People feature contains a prebuilt content type appropriate for displaying a group of people divided into subgroups of your own choosing (faculty, staff, etc.) along with a view. Here's an example.

The goal is to quickly leverage common use cases so that web developers can be empowered to get sites up and running quickly but maintain the ability to customize features or add additional features.

Crop an Image in Preview (Mac)

Need to add an image to your website, but it's too big?  This tutorial will walk you through the steps of cropping an image using the program called Preview, which is automatically installed on Macintosh computers.  You can view the tutorial for the Windows program called Paint here.  A common use case would be uploading banners to the announcement content type, which require that the images be 1180px x 346px.

How to create accessible Word docs

View this accessibility article by Zayira Jordan on the Inside Iowa State website. Inaccessibility can sneak into websites, email and other digital content in unexpected ways. Uploaded Word documents, for example. Many Word docs posted to the internet don't meet accessibility standards. Often, the problem is improperly structured documents that prevent voice-to-text screen readers from making sense of the documents. Poor structure also can hinder easy access for those with learning disabilities as well as general audiences.

Web Accessibility: Creating Online Content for All

This presentation will offer an introduction to web accessibility. Dr. Zayira Jordan, Web Accessibility Coordinator at Iowa State University, will explain Universal Design, the framework adopted by the university to develop online content that is accessible for all, and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) that inform such design. Dr. Jordan will also demonstrate a short tutorial on how to address the most common accessibility “blockers” and provide an overview of resources for online content development.