Quick Tip: Getting Email Addresses When Sending an Email in Outlook/Office 365

Let's say you're sending an email to someone whose address you don't know or aren't sure of and that person is a colleague at Iowa State.  You can type the name on the To: line either as 'firstname lastname' or 'lastname, firstname' (for example, as Jane doe or Doe, Jane).  You can select the "To" button or the "Address Book" button in the ribbon to search the global address list.  Type Ctrl-K and you will either get the complete address in the form of Doe, Jane [DEPT]:

Type the Name

After entering the name, type Ctrl-K:

Get the Address

or you'll get several choices from which you can choose the correct one:

Ctrl-K Screenshot

You can also type an email address and use Ctrl-K to check that the address is correct.  If you get no suggestions, it most likely means that either the name or the address is incorrect.