Qualtrics Introduction: View results

Qualtrics Introduction: View results

home screen for viewing results

Welcome to a quick guide through Qualtrics. To access Qualtrics go to https://iastate.qualtrics.com. Login with your Net-ID and password. Once logged in you will be taken to the home screen. This screen allows access to:

- Create/edit survey

- Distribute survey

- View results


This tutorial will teach you how to view the results of your survey. Once the survey has been filled out you will be walked through how to create a new report. Then you will be shown how to customize the graphs. After you have successfully finished creating your report instructions on how to download the final information is then given to you. 

Home screen navigation

Qualtrics home screen that shows tabs for surveys

This is your home screen on Qualtrics. Here you can see all surveys created thus far. On the upper left you will see various tabs that allow you to create a survey, edit, share, and read the data compiled. To begin select the survey you wish you view, then select View Results tab. view results tab shown in grey at top of screen



View Results

selecting correct survey with dropdown After clicking the View Results tab make sure in the left corner it says the correct title of the survey you wish to view. If the survey is not the one you wish to analyze simply select the Title Dropdown. It will show all surveys you have created and you can search through to find the one you wish to use. 



Viewing options


select report to view data tabulated from survey resultsFirst select View Reports and instruct Qualtrics to create new report for the survey. Once it has done so it will appear titled Initial Report, see image on the left. Double-click to open report. 



Now that a report has been created you can navigate through the questions and the results for all of them. On the right side you will see the Questions Dropdown. You can view the result for each question by selecting the question. questions within the survey are listed under dropdown questions









Customize graphs

Qgraphs can be customized hover shows bar, pie, and line graphsualtrics allows you to customize the graphs. Hover over the graph for Graph Options. Various graphs such as bar, line, and pie charts are shown. To change from a pie to a bar graph simply hover over the bar graph and click the option. Hover over to play around with style.




Download results

export options are available for word, excel, powerpoint, and adobeNow that the results have been created, you can Download or Export the report. To do this locate the export menu on the right side. There are various download options. Select the desired format. Listed in order, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF. For this example we will select PowerPoint, the orange symbol. Click the PowerPoint Icon. 

download in progress screen pop upIf the following screen pop-up appears your survey download is being created. If a download does not automatically appear, make sure you have pop-up blocker turned off for Qualtrics. After survey is compiled, the document should download automatically. It will be in the download bar on the bottom of the screen. Click to open and save in desired location. 

Download in lower part of screen. Shows finalized powerpoint

For more information on how to use Qualtrics refer to the Qualtrics Blog.

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