Qualtrics Introduction: Distribute survey

Qualtrics Introduction: Distribute survey

distribute survey home screen with banner showing survey is active

Welcome to a quick guide through Qualtrics. To access Qualtrics go to https://iastate.qualtrics.com. Login with your Net-ID and password. Once logged in you will be taken to the home screen. This screen allows access to:

- Create/edit survey

- Distribute survey

- View results


This tutorial will teach you how to share your survey to get maximum number of participants. There are various different options for getting your survey out there. Each option is discussed and will teach you the benefit of using it. After which you can decide which option is best for you and share accordingly. 

Home screen navigation

Qualtrics home screen that shows tabs for surveys

This is your home screen on Qualtrics. Here you can see all surveys created thus far. On the upper left you will see various tabs that allow you to create a survey, edit, share, and read the data compiled. To begin select the survey you wish you distribute, then select Distribute Survey tab. grey distribute survey button



Distribute Survey

selecting correct survey with dropdown After clicking the Distribute Survey tab make sure in the left corner it says the correct title of the survey you wish to share. If the survey is not the one you wish to distribute simply select the Title Dropdown. It will show all surveys you have created and you can search through to find the one you wish to use. 



Distribute options

   Once you are satisfied with your survey and have launched, begin sharing your survey for results. For this there are various options. 

Various icons depict many sharing options such as email or link

link that can be copied to share surveyThe first is to select Survey Link. This option allows you to simply copy and paste a link which allows for specific distribution and control over whom it goes to. You can email or post into specific website for easy access. 



email can be created to share survey The next option is to send an Email Survey. Many benefits come from this option as you can quickly send to various groups within your network simply by searching in the green dropdown. You can create a Panel and simply add all email addresses in this group. Using the email survey you can also control when you want to send the email out. Also this uses an Anonymous Qualtrics Email address so that your own personal inbox does not become flooded with emails. 






survey can be shared on all forms of social media, simply copy codeAnother option is sharing surveys on Social Media. This allows for help with people in your own personal network. Almost all forms are available to be shared on. Simply make sure the title and description are correct. After select Save and Continue and Qualtrics will prompt you to log in to your account, after which the survey will be posted and accessible to your network. 






For more information on how to use Qualtrics refer to the Qualtrics Blog.

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