Qualtrics Introduction: Create/edit survey

Qualtrics Introduction: Create/edit survey

editing survey with questions added in blocks

Welcome to a quick guide through Qualtrics. To access Qualtrics go to https://iastate.qualtrics.com. Login with your Net-ID and password. Once logged in you will be taken to the home screen. This screen allows access to:

- Create/edit survey

- Distribute survey

- View results


This tutorial will teach you how to create a survey. It will walk you through Quick Survey Builder. Once you have completed this you will be instructed on how to edit the survey by adding new questions and applying different formats. After this the tool kit will be briefly touched on so that you can be fully in control of the survey. Then to conclude you will be able to preview and launch the survey. 

Home screen navigation

Qualtrics home screen that shows tabs for surveys

This is your home screen on Qualtrics. Here you can see all surveys created thus far. On the upper left you will see various tabs that allow you to create a survey, edit, share, and read the data compiled. To begin select Create Survey. You can do this by selecting the tab or the Create Survey button.

create survey button has paper and blue cross

Create survey

Once you select this you will be taken to the Create survey screen. You will be presented with three options on how to create your survey:

  • Quick Survey Builder (which allows for a new survey)
  • Create from Copy (take existing survey and modify it to new data)
  • Survey Library (lets you browse Qualtrics and use one of their templates)

options for creating survey all shown in buttons






shows screen when survey is createdFor this introduction we will build a new survey, thus using Quick Survey Builder. Select this option from the menu.  You will then be instructed to name your survey. You have the option to add surveys into a specific folder if desired. For this example, we will simply name the survey.


Edit survey

controls for surveys, that change look and feel and allow preview

survey screen with option to create or upload questions





Question 1. What is your gender? Options are Male and FemaleYou will be directed to the Edit survey tab. To begin we select Create a New Question. For example, we type "What is your gender?" The beauty of Qualtrics is that for some questions it can predetermine answers and fill them in for you. (See that automatic choices is selected; see below) However, you still are in control and if you do not like the answer it creates you can double click the answer and change it. On the right you see the Options menu.



Question options

Shows all of the options for questions, such as multiple choice, slider, comparisons.

settings for questions includes change question dropdownClick the question you wish to edit. The side bar should pop up on the right side. Utilizing the question options menu on the right you have the ability to add more or less choices if needed. This side bar also allows you to turn Automatic Choices for answers on or off. Qualtrics also provides various other formats for questions. Select the Change Question dropdown to see all of the possible formats for questions. This can be overwhelming however if you hover over each option you can see an example of the type of question. Simply select the choice you would like to use and it will be added into your survey. All of the settings for each question can be controlled in this area. 

The question options menu also allows you to select if you want to Force Response or Request Response. This is in the Validation Options dropdown. Force response means that anyone taking the survey must answer the question before they are able to submit the survey. Request response creates a pop-up once they try submit, this gives them the option to either go back and give response or submit with no answer. 












Another feature of the questions options menu is the Tool Kit on the bottom portion of the menu. This includes:

  • Add Page Break (which adds a space between questions; when added next question will be on a new page)
  • Add Display Logic (allows you to dictate when a question is displayed. Example: If male is selected display question: What is your favorite sports team? This allows you to use specific questions for various answers.)
  • Add Skip Logic (allows you to control how someone moves through the survey. Example: If male is selected skip to end of survey. This allows you to collect only relevant information.)
  • Copy question (duplicate the question selected)
  • Move question (move question to desired location)
  • Add Note (further explain the question to reader)
  • Preview Question (see what survey takers will read and see)


Preview & Launch

preview of survey shownNow again we will be using the Option Menu. Once you are satisfied with the questions and settings for the survey proceed to Spell Check. After all errors have been corrected select Preview Survey. This will then open another window with a preview of the survey you just created. Navigate through and make sure that each question is displayed. Also make sure that all logic added works how you intended. 

preview icon is magnifying glass; launch icon is globe

After finishing the survey return to the Edit survey tab and select Launch Survey. Clicking this finalizes your survey and allows you to begin distributing and adding results to data sets. Continue to the Distribute survey section. 

bar shows that the survey has been activated and the date it was

For more information on how to use Qualtrics refer to the Qualtrics Blog.

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