Places to Store Your Stuff

We've recently made a few changes in how shared drives are setup and how files are stored.  Much of the change has happened behind the scenes but it might be helpful to review where items are stored and what their uses are.

Mapped drives--includes county shared drives

R: drive--Currently maps automatically.  Your R: drive maps to a folder that contains all the shared drives you have access to (for example, if you have access to more than one county shared drive, they will all be available via the R: drive).

S: drive--if you have a shared drive you use frequently, you may choose to map it to the S: drive.  This no longer happens automatically because many people now access several shared drives and find the R: drive more useful.

U: drive--Maps automatically to a personal user folder provided through central IT.  This has been mapped automatically in the past but after August 11th, when U: drive storage moves to new servers, it will need to be mapped manually.

A few of you may have some other drive mappings depending on what folders you're accessing but these are the three primary locations.

Cloud storage (CyBox)

If you have a Net-ID, then you have unlimited storage on CyBox.  CyBox also provides the capability to share files with one, two or large numbers of individuals either by inviting them into a specific folder or sending a link.  Files are encrypted in transit and at rest.