Ordering Smartphones

ISU has cellular contracts with Verizon Wireless and US Cellular. Both Verizon and US Cellular offer compatible smartphones.  US Cellular has Android options.  Verizon has Android, and the iPhone.

Android and iPhones can all synchronize Exchange email, calendar, and contacts.

Things to consider:

  1. Android phones all have the same base operating system (OS), but can come with different customization, depending on the manufacturer.  Individual Android phones, therefore, will vary slightly from each other and from our instructions.
  2. US Cellular and Verizon coverage can vary in specific locations across the state, but both providers currently have good state-wide coverage.

We have instructions online for setting up Exchange services for Android, and iPhones.  The ISU contracts with both Verizon and US Cellular allow for discounts on personal phones and plans for ISU Extension staff.  University-paid staff can also apply for a Communication Technology Allowance to support their use of a personal cell phone for university business.

Contact information for Verizon and US Cellular can be found on the ISU Purchasing website under Contracts.

If you have specific questions about smartphones, you can contact us at eithotline@iastate.edu