Okta is coming on March 1st

February 21, 2018

What's Okta?  Okta is a new ISU application designed to handle what's called Identity Management.  In its simplest form it's a new way to sign into ISU resources using the same Net-ID and password you've used all along.  For example, when you login to Cybox or Qualtrics or My Extension, you currently see a login screen that looks something like this:Single Sign-on for the Web

When Okta rolls out on March 1st, that login screen will generally change to this:

Okta login screen

The first time you log in via Okta, you'll be asked to provide a secondary email and/or a phone number.  The purpose of this is to provide a way to securely reset your password if you forget it.  You can choose to skip this step and add that information later.

In addition, Okta will allow you to setup up something called Multi-factor authentication which will ask for a second verification (in addition to your Net-ID and login).  Generally, this can be an app on your phone, or a code delivered via text message or a phone call.  Multi-factor authentication provides a higher level of security for your information and is strongly recommended.  At some point in the future multi-factor authentication will be required.  For now, it's optional.

While you can enroll in Okta at any time by going to https://login.iastate.edu, everyone will start seeing Okta sign-ins beginning March 1, 2018.

The first time you login, through https://login.iastate.edu  you'll be asked to provide a secondary email and/or phone number.  The purpose of this is so that if you forget  your password, you can use your secondary email account or a text message to reset your password.  You can skip this during login if you want to.